The Update Will Reach the Xbox Preview Program, soon

The better your screen the better your game should look, and Microsoft is working toward a better resolution on the Xbox One X and its predecessor. According to Microsoft’s Xbox Partner Group Program Manager, Kevin Gammill, Members of the Xbox Preview Program shall witness better resolution on their consoles. That includes the Xbox One S.

xbox one s and xbox one x top

Upped resolution on the Xbox One S is something nobody was expecting. 1440p base resolution on the Xbox One X is no surprise; Gammill confirmed it would be coming last year. His most recent tweet, however, confirmed that better resolution will also be supported on the S.

Once the visual upgrade makes the rounds on Xbox preview rings, it will make its way to all Xbox gamers. Thus, whether you own an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, if you have a high-end screen, your games shall look better. As for when it arrives, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Happy gaming.


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