IIn 1998 GT Interactive commissioned Eurocom to create a game. This game was 40 Winks, also known as Ruff and Tumble in Europe. However, in 1999, due to a slew of bad decisions by GT Interactive, the company lost millions of dollars of revenue. These financial troubles plagued GT Interactive throughout the following two years. 

To stay afloat, GT Interactive began downsizing operations and selling popular game franchises. Eventually the financial strain became too much, and they were acquired by Infogrames. 

The Infogrames acquisition brought with it shakeups within GT Interactive including, but not limited to, cancelling projects and pressing the “kill” button on other games that were in development. 

While 40 Winks was able to see release on the original PlayStation console, the Nintendo 64 port, which was under development around the time Infogrames became involved, was not as lucky. The N64 version of 40 Winks was cancelled and until recently thought to be lost to history and time itself. 

Nearly 17 years later Piko Interactive have pulled 40 Winks out of limbo and plan to give it a fair chance to shine on the Nintendo 64.

For those that have not heard of us, Piko Interactive is a game developer and publisher focusing on retro gaming. We actively develop and produce new games for old consoles.

Our catalog includes games for the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance, Atari Jaguar, and digital releases for PC.

We have been in business since 2013 and have bring to the retro scene a lot of great projects in their original physical form. 

We feel Kickstarter is a wonderful place to reach people that love retro gaming. We come to Kickstarter because this is the very first time anyone has attempted to release a Nintendo 64 game since the console was discontinued. As with the first time for anything, there are additional costs to get the project off the ground.

Launching a new game for a new console requires production of PCBs, toolings, packaging, and other details to basically start mass producing Nintendo 64 games again. Funds acquired in this Kickstarter project will pay for the manufacture of a working PCB that is compatible with the Nintendo 64. Then work will commence on getting the cartridges done, designing the package and insert, and if stretch goals are met – even more cool stuff.

Funds Break Down
Funds Break Down

NOTE: Funds Allocation are just approximations, there may be changes in costs, other sections will need more funds than estimated than other.

40 Winks is an action platformer where you control brother and sister, Ruff and Tumble. Your goal is to collect 40 Winks scattered around the world to stop an evil man called Nitekap. Nitekap wants to turn the winks into hood-winks who are responsible for giving children nightmares.

Game Features:

  • Transform into different characters! Attack as a stealth ninja, fight as ferocious monster, or fly into action as a super hero!
  • Tons of mini-games as well! Race dragons, strap on a rocket, and more!
  • 6 themed levels – a scary castle, shipwreck city, outer space, deep down underwater, back to the prehistoric world of T-Rex and giant wasps and into the nightmare world of ghosts and monsters.
  • Co-op 2 player mode exclusive only to the N64 version.
40 Winks N64 Screens
40 Winks N64 Screens



40 Winks N64 Box Cover
40 Winks N64 Box Cover

 40 Winks will be the very FIRST N64 game released after the console was discontinued by Nintendo. There has not been any other homebrew, indie, or unreleased game produced officially since then.

Considering this is the first new N64 game, we have come to Kickstarter to judge the demand for a new Nintendo 64 game cartridge and to fund the production run for this new platform we plan to support with new games.

There will be 2 game versions, the Regular and Special Edition.

Regular Version:

  • 40 Winks Regular version will include a 40 Winks gray game pack compatible with your N64 console.
  • Color Cardboard box and insert.
  • Color Manual.

Special Edition:

  • 40 Winks Special Edition will include a 40 Winks colored game pack compatible with your N64 console.
  • Special Edition Cardboard box and insert
  • Color Manual
  • Special Edition Poster
  • A POG featuring special edition artwork.

It was a bit hard to come up with the ideas for stretch goals for 40 Winks. However we do want to offer something good to or backers in case several figures are reached!

NOTE: Please read carefully each stretch goal’s rule.

40 Winks Stretch Goals
40 Winks Stretch Goals


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