57% of mobile gamers who haven’t paid to remove ads from games are “fine” with seeing advertising as long as it keeps the game free, according to Facebook.

The social networking company has published the results of a survey conducted between December 2016 and May 2017 on how mobile gamers feel about ads. The survey collected responses from over 100 advertisers, 400 developers and 6,000 gamers, 55% of whom identified as female.

In the US, 70% of gamers who haven’t paid to remove advertising are fine to have ads shown to them to keep the game free. The survey found that gamers know and accept that if they’re downloading a free game, they’re going to have to encounter advertising, and that it benefits everyone.

Glued to the tube

As for rewarded video ads, 54% of US respondents said they prefer to watch a rewarded ad than pay for a premium game. Respondents also claimed that rewarded video ads made them more likely to buy IAPs and the advertised products.

Overall, 71% of those surveyed said that watching video ads was their “preferred” method of paying for content. 46% of US respondents stated that they preferred rewarded video ads to all other methods of advertising.

Facebook’s Audience Network added rewarded video ads to its service back in June 2017. It included support for Unity and Cocos2DX to make rendering these ads smoother.

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