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Bad Bit Games host, Joseph talks about PlayStation Plus. Sony’s PlayStation Plus’s free line up is abandoning PS3 and Vita come March 2019. In the meantime how does Sony Fill the gaps left from PS3 and the PlayStation Vita? What are 3 changes Sony can make, in order to make PlayStation Plus better then ever? From the most likely to some pie in the sky predictions.
Fortnite Cross Play Why wont PS play nice? 9:58 – 16:43
PS Update 5.5: 16:44 – 19:58
God of War News and GIVEAWAY! 19:59 – 26:05
Call of Duty Black Ops 4! 26:06 – 29:40
Days gone Delayed 2019: 29:40 – 34:04
THE DIVISION 2: 34:03 – 41:05
Crash and Hellblade coming to Xbox One and Why does Sony get a pass when it comes to timed exclusives? 41:06 –  45:39
Super Smash Bros IF I WAS SHU! Playstation All-Stars! What PS characters should join the roster: 46:37 – 55:14
PS5 LEAKS RUMORS 3 things we want from it 55:14 – fin

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