Microsoft seems to be counting a lot on Sea of Thieves and proves that by bringing more themed accessories for the Xbox One apart from the Sea of Thieves Xbox One controller. Take a look at the Sea of Thieves 2TB Game Drive for the Xbox and two controller stands.

The Sea of Thieves accessory line-up for the Xbox One (and PC) includes:

The Sea of Thieves Xbox Controller features a deep purple translucent design adorned with laser-etched barnacles, one treasured golden trigger and haunted by a mesmerizing glowing skull. To accompany it you can get the Pro charging stand, which bears the same colors and the game’s logo. If your pocket can’t handle the charging stand though, the stand v2.0 is the next affordable option.

As for the star of the bunch, Seagate and Microsoft have teamed up to bring fans a 2TB game drive for your Xbox, bearing the same colors with the controller and the same fluorescent skull. The drive connects via USB 3.0, can hold up more than 50 games and includes one month of Xbox Game Pass and an exclusive jewel-studded in-game weapon, The Midnight Blunderbuss, for your Sea of Thieves character.

Don’t forget that the Sea of Thieves controller is already shipped to retailers and comes with the exclusive Ferryman Clothing Set for your character in-game, a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial, and a 14-day Xbox Game Pass trial.

Sea of Thieves is set to launch on March 20, meaning that we’ll be able to play it in about a month from now. While the game’s beta was a bit bumpy but successful, Rare is excited about its launch and have a strong commitment to ongoing support of Sea of Thieves.

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