Shigeru Miyamoto was part of Nintendo’s financial results briefing Q&A, where he answered some questions about the Super Mario Bros. animated movie. The movie was confirmed at the briefing, and we got our first info on what the movie will be like. Miyamoto said that he has been considering an animated movie for “many years”, even though he feels that creating games and movies “aren’t really that similar”. He feels that Interactive and passive media are very different, so Miyamoto says that he’d like to “have a movie expert work on it”. He was introduced to Illumination by Universal Parks & Resorts during his meetings with many movie directors and producers.

Miyamoto recalled a conversation with Illumination founder Chris Meledandri. Miyamoto said to Meledandri that “he had read Miyamoto’s interviews and said that the ways they create are similar”. Eventually, the pair ended up having a mutual understanding. This resulted in the desire to do something together. Meledandri also says that he is “focused on making the film with a reasonable cost and deadline in order for it to be a success”. As for the movie itself, Miyamoto feels that “if they couldn’t make something interesting, then it would be better to quit”. The movie has already had multiple meetings for the screenplay, and it was confirmed that the project has “actually progressed very far”.

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