HBO really stirred up a hornet’s nest with its reimagining of the classic adventure Westworld, and it’ll continue to generate buzz with the second season, which is set to premiere this April.

But you don’t have to wait that long to jump back into the world of the Wild West, outfitted with (for the most part) behaving androids and fellow visitors. You can turn to your mobile device and run the park however you see fit.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that it has opened up pre-registration for a forthcoming mobile game based on the hit HBO series. In Westworld, you’ll be able to control every single portion of the sci-fi park however you see fit. And who doesn’t want to run Westworld?

Players will fill the shoes of a new employee hired by the Delos corporation, and put in charge of running the Park Training Simulation for Westworld. They’ll be able to manage a number of aspects within this world, including creating and keeping track of a number of A.I. hosts. You can also modify their behavior so that they treat guests the way you want them to be treated – so tweak carefully.

“This game is an opportunity to give mobile gamers a fresh and exciting way to interact with the engrossing themes and enigmatic narrative explored by the Westworld series,” said Jonathan Knight, vice president and studio head at WB Games San Francisco. “We can’t wait for fans to get their hands on the game to develop their own unique strategy to orchestrate and explore the perfect park experience.”

The mobile experience will be available to both iOS and Android (through Google Play) users, and, as a bonus for pre-registering, users will be able to get a number of extra in-game items, including a code that will allow them to use Lawrence as a host.

For those of you that want to learn more – or see just how much chaos you can create in the park – check out the official page.

The game will debut for mobile devices next month, to coincide with the second season of Westworld, which debuts on April 22 on HBO. & Warner Bros Home Entertainment are teaming up to bring one lucky Justice League fan the prize pack of a lifetime! Click here for the chance to win a big-screen TV, a copy of the movie and more!

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