Today, Nintendo has released a new trailer for the upcoming game, Advance Wars: 1 + 2 Re-boot Camp. Originally, the Wars series was first released outside of Japan on the GameBoy Advance with the game Advance Wars. From here, the series garnered a devoted fan base. Despite this, the series fell into obscurity and received no new entry in over 15 years. However, Nintendo has finally re-booted the beloved franchise with an updated version of the original Advance Wars and its sequel.

Advance Wars: 1 + 2 Re-boot Camp Is a Turn-based Strategy Game

Advance Wars: 1 + 2 Re-boot Camp will be a remake of Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising games. In these games, players control the tactical advisor of the Orange Star Army and help defend their homeland. Advance Wars is a turn-based strategy game where players will need to control over 18 kinds of units. Battles are won by placing units strategically and attacking enemy weaknesses.

The game also features a story mode that explores the story of a war between the Orange Star nation and the invading Blue Moon nation. The newest trailer released by Nintendo shows off some of the characters that players will meet throughout Advance Wars: 1 + 2 Re-boot Camp’s story. Additionally, when brought into battle, Andy, Max, and Sami, the three officers, each have their own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

What Are the Orange Star Officer’s Abilities

Andy, the first Commanding Officer players will encounter in Advance Wars: 1 + 2 Re-boot Camp, is a balanced character with no special strengths or weaknesses. His ability will repair nearby units, healing them and keeping them ready for battle. On the other hand, Max gains damage in direct confrontations with enemies through the use of things like tanks but loses power when indirectly fighting enemies. His special ability will further increase his damage in direct confrontation. Finally, Sami will increase the movement and capture rate of units. However, she is weaker against vehicles. Her special ability will give a movement speed bonus for infantry and Mech units.

Advance Wars: 1 + 2 Re-boot Camp will be available on April 21st, 2023, after some delays by Nintendo. The game will release on Switch. Pre-orders for the game are available now.

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