Nintendo America’s legendary president and COO retired in April 2019, and the internet said farewell to a great man and an even greater meme.

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It’s no secret that Reggie Fils-Aimé got up to some pretty ridiculous antics while working at Nintendo America, and made quite a name for himself among fans as the game company’s living, breathing meme generator. In honor of his years of great service, let’s take a look at some of Reggie’s greatest hits. Is your body ready?

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10 His Body Is Ready

Probably the last think you’d ever expect the President of Nintendo America to say, but Reggie is no mortal man. He got up on stage at E3 2007 to be one of the first people to ever test the Wii Fit Balance Board publicly. He announced to the crowd, “My body is ready,” which became an immediate inside joke among Nintendo fans. Afterword, the phrase became, “My body is Reggie,” and was soon the battle cry that fans would chant before Nintendo announcements for years.

9 You Want Mother 3? Come Get It.

While most Nintendo fans love and adore Reggie as dear friend (or worship him as a vengeful god – your pick), there exists a subset of people who aren’t very fond of him. Those people are the fans of Mother 3, a game renowned in Japan, but one that still hasn’t hit the shores of the United States. In fact, Reggie said that Nintendo just wouldn’t have a Mother 3 release in the USA.

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While, yes, this is unfortunate for Mother 3 fans, there’s literally nothing the internet won’t turn into a meme. So, of course, Reggie’s flat refusal of a localized release of the game has turned into a joke too.

8 Welcome To Nintendo!

Reggie Fils-Aimé is known by many names among fans. One of them is Reggie-Gigas, as a pun on Pokémon’s Regigigas, a Legendary from the Hoenn region. It’s almost too easy to make jokes about, and second only to Reggie’s successor being named Doug Bowser. It’s the perfect storm of easy jokes, and if the internet is good at nothing else, it’s amazing at making easy jokes. So well done, internet.

7 Farewell, Reggie

As Reggie announced his retirement from Nintendo America in February 2019, so did he announce the retirement of his beloved memes. As posted by Twitter user @karenyhan, Reggie’s hype train meme flying into the sun must sadly fly into the sun itself. And may a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.

6 30th Anniversary Localization?

Once again, we see another example of the anger that created a meme, this time of Reggie trying in literally any way possible to avoid localizing Mother 3.

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What’s funny about this particular joke is that Reggie has proclaimed himself a fan of Mother 3, and has gone on record saying, “I would love to see Mother 3 released here in the U.S. market.” Whether or not that was a lie in an attempt to pacify angry fans so they would stop sending him hate mail will forever remain a mystery. But the fact remains that Mother 3 still isn’t localized. This meme can stick around for while more, then.

5 It’s Not His Problem

In yet another E3 performance, Reggie created yet another meme. In 2005, when asked if the reason the Nintendo DS was outselling Sony’s PSP was because the PSP hadn’t yet been released in Europe, Reggie’s response was to shrug and say, “Not my problem.” What a power move.

Much like the “My body is ready,” quote, Reggie’s declaration that nothing is his problem became a legendary meme among Nintendo fans. The blasé tone and expression match up perfectly, and thus, the perfect storm of meme material is made.

4 Reggie Wants YOU!

While this meme is obviously a joke about the old Uncle Sam recruitment posters, it’s also referencing a moment from – you guessed it – another E3 announcement, this time Reggie’s very first meme.

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In E3 2004, a year after joining Nintendo America, Reggie got up on stage an announced, “My name is Reggie. I’m about kicking ass. I’m about taking names. And we’re about making games.” Aside from being the stronger, more powerful image that Nintendo needed at the time – with the GameCube floundering in the market – it was the day an internet star was born, and Reggie Fils-Aimé became a legend.

3 Reggie-Gigas

A purer form of the Reggie-Gigas meme from earlier, paired alongside a variation of the “My body is ready,” meme. The wonderful thing about Reggie memes is that so many of them are stackable. They can be layered until near-incomprehensible, known only to the hardest of hardcore memers. Or you can do something like this. Everybody wins.

2 The Regginator

Tired of hearing about E3 shows yet? You better not be!

Wii Sports was a massive hit worldwide, and in 2008, the world was more than ready for Wii Sports Resort. Reggie, of course, was on stage showing off the Wii Motion Plus technology, and ended up winning a round of fencing. To celebrate his victory, he said, “That’s why they call me the Regginator!” Literally nobody had ever called him this before, but the internet quickly made sure they called him that for the entire rest of his career. And probably after his career too.

1 What’s Wrong With You?

Shockingly, this one didn’t come from an E3 performance. Instead, it came from Nintendo’s very first “Direct” presentation in 2011. In this presentation, Reggie featured in an ad for the Nintendo 3DS, and in it, he asked a very personal question of the audience: “You don’t own a 3DS? What’s wrong with you?”

A perfect reaction gif and/or screenshot was born in this moment, and would live on in the internet’s most sarcastic users in the years to come.

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