The mobile phone games industry is booming with video games earning 66% of total app store spending last year.

With millions of games to choose from, how can you improve your mobile gaming experience? Are you stuck with having to play on a small screen? What about paying less or using a controller?

This article offers 4 great ways to make your mobile gaming life extra special.

Read on to discover why a larger screen is great for many mobile games. Learn how to benefit from a mobile gaming subscription. And see why a 4G connection no longer cuts it in 2021.

1. Play Mobile Games on a Larger Screen

Don’t hurt your eyes staring at a small screen. You can now play your games on your television or monitor in glorious high-definition!

iOS users need an AirPlay 2 compatible television or Apple TV. Android players can use a Chromecast Ultra dongle, set-top box, or compatible TV.

Set up is relatively straightforward but for the best results try to use a modern device like a Samsung S21 or iPhone 12.

2. Get a Mobile Gaming Subscription

Did you know that in 2020 people spent $76.7 billion on mobile games?

Perhaps you can relate and realize that you probably spend too much money on games. But what if you could reduce your spending budget down to one low-cost fee? Yet also get access to lots of premium titles for the price of just one?

Mobile phone games subscription services like GameMine keep things affordable.

Your monthly subscription lets you play over 1,400 games by streaming them online. You can even pay via a mobile phone carrier which makes things more convenient.

3. Buy a Video Games Controller

Sticky or slippery thumbs are a gamer’s worse nightmare, especially on a smaller screen. Wouldn’t it be great to use a controller like you would on a console or PC?

Thankfully, you can with a Bluetooth game controller.

Gamevice offers several options that fit the side of your phone to let you game while on the move. If you want a standalone controller, try Razer Raiju Mobile which acts like an Xbox or PlayStation device.

4. Use 5G or Wi-Fi for a Better Mobile Gaming Experience

Lag can kill a multiplayer game and unfortunately, it’s all too common with 4G networks. The answer lies in using a faster network.

Try to use a 5G connection for the ultimate in online gaming. Or if your phone doesn’t support 5G, connect to your wi-fi router.

Wi-fi connections aren’t always reliable so make sure you choose the 5 GHz signal option instead of 2.4 GHz. It has a shorter range but you’ll get a lot more bandwidth for uninterrupted play.

More Tips for Mobile Phone Games

Mobile phone games can become even more fun by using these tips.

Subscribing to a mobile gaming subscription service means you no longer have to pay for individual titles. Throw a controller and a 4K screen into the mix and you’ll have the perfect mobile gaming experience.

Read more casual games and video games tips on our website. Don’t forget to share this article on social media and let us know if it worked for you.

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