Not everything in the industry is million dollar budget games – indie games are a fundamental part of the ecosystem. With the opening of development tools and the democratization of platforms, today it is possible that small and medium-sized studios can publish their titles on consoles such as PlayStation 4, something that in the past was only possible through giants like Electronic arts or Ubisoft, to give some examples.

PlayStation has always opted for independent titles, which it puts in perspective again by holding a promotion that includes independent video games from the most recent to classics such as Spelunky. The number of games available in this offer is enormous: close to 400 video games. For this reason, we selected seven independent video games that you cannot miss, at an extremely friendly price. It should be noted that these prices are expressed in US dollars, as reflected in the PlayStation digital store. Subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service will enjoy an extra discount on select titles.

Probably the best-played game in the phenomenal 11 bit studios. Frostpunk He asks us to lead a group of survivors who must establish and develop in the context of a planet immersed in ice and sub-zero temperatures. Thus, a game of strategy and development of cities unique in its style takes place, where we will also have to attend to the needs of the inhabitants and make all kinds of difficult decisions, all with heavy consequences. A real gem.

The authors of the saga Amnesia They are dispatched with an unforgettable first-person horror adventure, set in an underwater base that we must investigate, since something seems to have gone very wrong. SOMA In this way, it presents a dark story, with philosophical edges, beautifully written and performed by those who provided the voices to give life to the characters that make up the repertoire. As a rarity for the developer studio, the game introduces combat and plenty of inventory management, beyond maintaining the ambient narrative and signature Frictional Games puzzles.

Few games understand the allure of retro as well as The Messenger– An action platformer inspired by classics like Ninja Gaiden, revealing the 8-bit aesthetic with a completely unexpected twist that also evokes another era in video games. Not only is it incredible to play, but the story is excellent, it requires a lot of skill and as if that weren’t enough, it has a sense of humor that will get you more than a laugh throughout its 14-hour duration. It was developed by Sabotage Studio and published, how could it be otherwise, by the phenomenal publisher known as Return Digital: The Messenger It is one more example of the good eye they have for locating independent hits.

Hollow knight is one of the best exploration action adventures available today. A title that takes concepts from Dark souls and fuses them with the metroidvania genre: developing the character with skills that allow you to retrace your steps and enable previously unreachable areas. All of this with mind-blowing visuals and polished, demanding gameplay. The version Voidheart Edition It also includes all the downloadable content available for the game, so you will have dozens of hours of action with a very high level of quality.

In Outer Wilds, your task will be to discover why the small galaxy in which the game takes place disappears after the effects of the sun going supernova every 22 minutes, in a time loop that repeats endlessly. The trick: every time everything starts again, you retain the information of what you have been investigating. Outer Wilds is an exceptionally warm and humane exploration adventure, packed with great ideas and a twists and turns narrative. An independent video game masterpiece at an unbeatable price.

Spiritfarer puts you in the shoes of Stella: the crew member of a boat whose main function is to accompany the spirits of different deceased to reach the afterlife. It is a game in which we must manage resources and improve our own boat, but it also focuses on the stories that each of these spirits has, how we help them heal and of course, how to say goodbye. It is a captivating game from the audiovisual but also from the narrative, in an experience of those that have the strength to leave you something, as well as make your eyes moisten.

Cardboard Computer is the studio responsible for Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, the final and multiplatform version of an episodic adventure that began to take place in 2013 and that received its fifth and final episode in January of last year. A story that is based on different elements as inspiration: the work of David Lynch, García Márquez, the visual language of theater, visual novels. All put into a shaker that results in the best exponent of contemporary independent development. An unmissable game.


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