The MoGo Pro is pretty nimble when it comes to jumping around its screens and apps. I thought that surely this would’ve been the part that lacked but it was very snappy. Casting is easy and making adjustments to how the screen is oriented can be set in a minute or two. I wasn’t able to leave this out every night so when I’d take it out I’d have to set it back up again. I never got tired of fixing the image though because of how easy it is.

There’s a spot underneath it for a tripod or mount so screwing one in is as easy as if you were to put one on a camera. This combined with the fact that you don’t have to keep the power supply connected at all times is pretty awesome for the portability aspect. The battery lasts for about a movie or so on its own but I keep it plugged in at all times when I’m watching at home. There is an led indicator on top to show the battery’s level of power left as well.

Something that I wasn’t expecting at all was the fact that you could actually play Android games on this. I tried playing the pre-installed Odd World games but I can’t really say I was impressed. The games chug incredibly and the remote really isn’t the best for playing a game anyway. It’s nice that you can play games but I don’t see anyone really doing this. Maybe kids will get a kick out of it? It’s nice to have regardless and maybe there are some that run better.

One thing that I found odd was the fact that even though the Netflix app comes pre-installed, you can’t play it. All you get is an error code that says that the device can’t run it. Apparently, there’s an issue with Netflix not approving XGIMI to use their app yet. There is a workaround through a third-party app called “XTV Manager” which downloads a different version of the Netflix app that works like it should. Although there’s a big warning on the screen that pops up about using third-party apps, I have been assured by a representative of XGIMI that it is safe to use. Here’s a link to the how-to video for reference as well.

So, besides the issues I brought up such as the soft metal over the speakers, and the fact that it can’t play downloaded games well, there’s a couple of other small caveats. One is that there is a very slight audio delay between the projector itself and what’s being projected. I didn’t see it as terribly off and if you aren’t paying attention to it, you won’t notice it. It’s just barely off and while I didn’t mind it all too much, others may feel differently.

I also noticed that when I played Fortnite on the projector that there was a noticeable lag in the response time between my controller commands and how quick it was to see it happen. To me, it’s worse than the audio match-up because of the fact that playing a game can be extremely difficult when making timing decisions if your video source isn’t quick enough. I know that this wasn’t developed or marketed as being for gamers but it is worth bringing up. I wouldn’t game on this every day but it’s cool to have for a LAN party or to bring games with you on a trip.

I believe that the MoGo Pro is an extremely useful and innovative piece of technology that accomplishes more than I thought it would. You can’t deny just how cool this tiny projector really is and the versatility it brings to the table. XGIMI has done a great job with the portability, quality, and versatility of the MoGo Pro and I cannot wait to see what other cool products they bring to the fold. I’m extremely impressed.

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