The Logitech G Powerplay comes in a large matte grey box with an image of the pad taking center stage. A G903 is used for displaying the wireless charging with wonderful waves emanating from it. Along the top, Powerplay is displayed in a nice reflective blue finish that accents the grey box well. Directly beneath this is the wireless charging system badge and accompanying text. Further down the left we can see that the Powerplay is compatible with the G903/703(affiliate link) and Pro Wireless (affiliate link) mouse. The G502 Hero (affiliate link) and the newer Hero models of the previously listed mice are also compatible, but not noted on the box. 

The sides of the box are kept mostly blank, except for the bottom where we have a contents list and tech specs required for running the Powerplay. We can also see a brief snippet about a 2 year warranty down here. Moving on to the back, we have an assortment of info about the Powerplay. We can see that the Powerplay comes with a charging base and 2 types of mouse pads, one soft and one hard. A charging core is also provided to use with a compatible mouse. Along the bottom, we can see a set of diagrams that showcase the wireless charging, and wireless base-station functionality of the Powerplay. The hard and soft mouse pads are also displayed again.

Opening the box, we can see that the box material is nice and thick, providing an added layer of protection to the Powerplay. The top side of the box has a large “Keep Playing” sign with the wireless charging badge. In conjunction with its cool aesthetic appeal, this sign also helps keep the box contents more secure. In the bottom half of the box we have the Powerplay base-station, and the two different mouse pads wrapped in plastic. 

Removing them reveals the Powercore module that we will be plugging into our Logitech G gaming mouse. We can also see the Powerplay’s braided USB cable neatly wrapped around a circular piece of plastic. To the right of the cord we can see the instructions to get the Powerplay setup with our mouse and PC. Hiding under the instruction sheet is one last packet that contains a Logitech G sticker, thank you note, troubleshooting guide and a warranty card.

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