KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The Unified Government Public Health Department is taking a different approach in hopes of increasing the county’s COVID-19 vaccination rate.

Saturday, that took them to the Sporting KC match at Children’s Mercy Park where they vaccinated dozens of people, including several teenagers.

Seth Campbell went to the match and got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine for his 15th birthday. He said getting the shot at the stadium was a big surprise, but he feels a lot safer now.

“I feel a little better knowing it’s a less chance for me getting it and that it won’t affect me as bad,” Campbell said.

The Unified Government’s Public Health Department said that’s the whole idea of a mobile clinic. Fans who went to the Sporting KC game had the opportunity to get their first or second dose of the vaccine.

It was the department’s second time having the clinic this month.

“I’m not a big fan of shots, but I know it’s going to be short and I know the journey is going to be great,” Ashar Campbell said.

Seth’s younger brother, Ashar, got the shot as well.

The Pfizer vaccine was available for kids 12 and older.

“I feel protected that if I get covid it won’t be as bad and I can hang out with a lot more friends,” Campbell said.

The weekly update for Wyandotte County said only 35.12% of people are fully vaccinated.

Officials with the mobile clinic said as cases increase, they’re seeing more people get the shot.
“A lot of people that told us that they’ve been hesitant in the past say now for whatever personal reason they decided to go ahead and do it,” Brian Koelliker, Clinical Covid Supervisor said.

Campbell said getting the shot wasn’t bad at all, his worry was making sure he didn’t have any side effects while watching the game.

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