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This year will be the 25th anniversary of Space Jam, a film that united the stars of the Looney Tunes with Michael Jordan in one of the most remembered crossovers and that undoubtedly was a testament to the commercial union between the brand and the teams and players. most successful of the time. On the occasion of this anniversary, Space Jam: A New Legacy is in production to present a new adventure and Xbox has closely followed the filming and will even release a couple of video games inspired by the film that is expected to debut this year.

2 new games inspired by Space Jam: A New Legacy

Through a publication on its official Twitter account, Xbox announced the 2 winners of the Space Jam: A New Legacy contest, which consisted of proposing different ideas about a video game to make them come true. Well, according to what Xbox presented, the winner of the adult category was Narayan, a resident of India, and in the case of the underage category, the winner was a young man named Ricky, from the United States. United, whose movie-inspired arcade-style game design ideas will become real.

As you can see in the award video, one of the Space Jam: A New Legacy games will be a Beat ’em up in the style of Final Fight and those greats of the time, while the other seems to be a role-playing game and combat by turns using cards.

Space Jam: A New Legacy will star LeBron James, current Los Angeles Lakers player and 4-time NBA champion. Although not many details are known about the film, it seems that the essence of the original film will remain, that is, a threat that puts the real world and the Looney Tunes in check and that, probably, will be decided with a basketball game betting all or nothing, marking the return of the Tune Squad.

LeBron James in the Tune SquadLeBron James in the Tune Squad

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