A New Mech and Maiden Mobile Game Will Be Released Next Week: Final Gear

Final Gear will be available for download next week on iOS and Android devices on September 30th. This RPG battle strategy game is Developed by Komoe, and in order to celebrate their global launch, Komoe has promised in-game rewards for those who pre-order and pre-register. The more people that participate the more the developers will increase the amount of rewards, so you can help us all out by participating. 

In Final Gear, players are able to construct their own, customizable mechs by completing missions and gathering upgrade parts. The mech construction process enables millions of unique mech combinations that each have their own special abilities and advantages. Then, choose from a selection of over 100 pilots available to train. Each pilot has their own personality traits, specialties, and personalized voice acting to make the game as immersive as possible. 

Battles are strategic and can be won or lost based on how you design your lineup. There will also be an option to customize your home base. By adding specific rooms such as dormitories, ship hangars, research labs, etc. you will be able to gain corresponding bonuses to help give your team an advantage. The story takes place in the year 2110 in an unrecognizable futuristic version of Earth where a meteorite has caused the Earth to deteriorate into a fight for power between those that have survived. This is a world full of chaos and havoc where nothing is certain. There is going to be a strong story arc to unfold as the game is played as well as a ton of lore to discover for each mech and its function. This game will soon be available for free with in-app purchases on both the App Store and on Google Play. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the trailer for Final Gear.

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