AEW has officially released their first mobile game, AEW: Casino Double or Nothing, completely free on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

The new game was created by AEW in partnership with the social casino developer, KamaGames. This game is one of the three gaming titles that are set to be released by the AEW Games brand.

AEW Casino will offer players an authentic Las Vegas Casino experience. Players will have ten different games to play, including blackjack, roulette, slots, and Texas Hold’em. They can play with friends or other players.

There will be weekly tournaments for players and the game also has an in-game chat system that will allow them to communicate with their fellow players during the games.

The game will also provide a step-by-step tutorial that will help gaming rookies pick up the basics and develop their own winning strategies.

There will be future enhancements to the game, which will include custom games that will be made based on feedback from players. More AEW wrestlers and AEW-themed prizes will also be included in future updates.

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