In October 2015, Microsoft announced that it would no longer publicly announce sales of the Xbox One, which makes it difficult to determine exactly how many systems the company has sold since the console hit the market back in 2013. Nevertheless, the video game industry analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, recently made the claim that sales for the Microsoft console are now roughly half that of the sales for Sony’s PlayStation 4.

According to Ahmad, the global install base for the Xbox One is now around 41 million to date, with sales of the Microsoft hardware being up year-over-year due to the release of the higher end iteration of the console with the Xbox One X. What’s more is that it seems as if software sales remain “healthy” for Xbox One, which no doubt helps to grow Microsoft’s revenue overall and potentially make up for the sales gap between the Xbox One and the PS4.


For those unaware, it was recently revealed that PS4 sales are approaching 100 million around the globe, with Sony Interactive Entertainment having announced that its latest gaming system has sold through over 91.6 million units worldwide. This financial feat is definitely a clear indicator of the PlayStation brand’s domination of the hardware market for this generation over Xbox One, with the PS4 having now even surpassed the lifetime sales of the Xbox 360.

One could argue that the reason why the Xbox One is trailing behind the PS4 in terms of console sales is due to the Microsoft system’s lack of noteworthy exclusive games. As it so happens, the review aggregator site Metacritic revealed not too long ago that the Xbox One had no positively reviewed true exclusives in 2018, whereas the PS4 released such critically acclaimed exclusives and fan favorites as God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and more in 2018.

All things considered, one can only hope for the sake of Microsoft and Xbox One owners alike that the tech firm brings out the big guns for its E3 2019 showcase by debuting a wide range of new software for its built-in audience and to sway gamers who might be on the fence about the brand. The Xbox One should have plenty of room to shine at the annual expo in 2019, especially since Sony has decided to bow out of the event this year.

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