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GameLook report/If you don’t pay attention to the FPS circle often, you may not be able to perceive that a game that was about to be tortured by the plug-in a year ago has ushered in the second spring silently. It was created by EA Rebirth Studio ( “Apex Hero” developed by Respawn Entertainment).

As we all know, COS is often a “barometer” of game popularity (Source: NGA)

Since the game became available on Steam, the number of online users of the game has repeatedly hit new highs, and it has consistently ranked at the forefront of the list of online users throughout the year. The end game is getting better, just like most super IPs, “Apex Heroes” has gradually expanded to all platforms. Not only is it transplanted to various host platforms, but the mobile game version is also on its way.

In April of this year, Rebirth Studio officially announced the relevant information of “Apex Mobile Games”. Previously, according to IGN India, the mobile game will be developed by Tencent Photonics Studio, and Rebirth Studio will be responsible for supervision. At the TapTap conference not long ago, “Apex Mobile Games” also made a big appearance and announced a lot of important information. At present, the number of appointments for this game on TapTap is as high as 2.05 million.

Recently, “Apex Mobile Games” has launched a new round of testing in Hong Kong, China. It is worth mentioning that this test neither restricts eligibility (only Android users), but also supports WeChat and QQ login. As far as the current testing is concerned, we have been able to roughly understand the specific content and gameplay of the game, so how exactly does this “Apex Mobile Game” do?

This test is played by overseas players

Translation translation, what is reduction

Perhaps, “Apex Mobile Games” is the most special of all versions of “Apex Heroes”.

In 2019, “Apex Heroes” turned out, relying on excellent game quality and differentiated gameplay, it quickly made a sound in the tactical competition category. Due to the good market response, Rebirth Studio also began to port the game from the PC to the PS, XBox and other console platforms. Even at the beginning of this year, the game was also ported to the Nintendo Switch platform.

Although the PC and the host cannot communicate data, they can play games together. This also led many players to believe that mobile games will also be connected between platforms. However, the official said that “Apex Mobile Games” is actually independent of the host and PC, and is a product designed for mobile.

To be honest, for players who have played the terminal game of “Apex Heroes”, the threshold for mobile games is almost zero. They only need to be a little familiar with the operation logic of the mobile phone touch screen, and this is due to the fact that mobile games are for terminal games. Excellent reduction.

First of all, on the screen, the art style of “Apex Mobile Games” is highly consistent with the end game, and even the style of the UI is also highly consistent. If the buttons designed for mobile games are covered, it is even difficult to distinguish whether it is a mobile game or a mobile game. Mobile games.

Of course, in order to make some key information more prominent on the mobile phone, “Apex Mobile Games” still made some changes, such as the team information moved to the upper right corner. The biggest change is the inventory interface, which is somewhat compact in layout compared to the end game. Perhaps this is a trade-off due to the screen size.

Secondly, the other two major features of “Apex Heroes”, firearms props and hero role skills can be said to be basically perfectly restored in mobile games.

At the role level, there is not much difference between the characters in “Apex Mobile Games” and the end game. The previous test in the Philippines has a total of 8 characters to choose from, this time the test has increased to 12, and at the same time , The attributes and skills of the characters are basically “slashed without a cut”, which is perfectly restored in the game.

For example, the two active skills of the Bloodhound and one passive skill are perfectly restored in the game, and even the skill CDs are basically similar. According to the gameplay of the end game, the mobile game can be quickly started.

Xiaotou is not a pity, but a skill

As for firearms and props, the mobile game also continues the bullet system and shield design in the end game. For example, the setting of charging shield growth is also used in the mobile game, and the player’s shield level will follow The damage played by the player continues to grow.

All in all, if you are not independent of the PC and the host, you can almost regard “Apex Mobile Games” as a completely transplanted game. The original art, UI, characters, skills, gameplay, etc. can make players quickly appreciate Apex’s unique charm.

Keep the core features and adapt to the rhythm of the mobile terminal

As we all know, mobile devices are different from other platforms in terms of performance, operation methods and logic. As a terminal game, Apex Heroes will naturally undergo a lot of adaptation work after it becomes a mobile game.

In fact, these problems have been encountered in the process of porting the game to other platforms. For example, in the PS4 platform, the game has added an auxiliary aiming function, while when porting the NS platform, it chose to sacrifice image quality and add gyroscope control. Wait to help players.

In the mobile game, as far as this test is concerned, the game also chose to sacrifice part of the picture quality. In the skydiving, the architectural appearance of the map is somewhat blurred, but the architectural structure and topography in the map are very well designed, although It’s not as complicated as the end game, but it still has a lot of strategic points. The room is not empty, hook locks and box shelters all play a certain role.

It can be seen that the idea of ​​”Apex Mobile Games” is to maximize the core gameplay service and present the most attractive part of the game to the players.

What is the biggest feature of the terminal game “Apex Heroes”? Some people will say it is a hero skill, others will say it is a strategy and tactics, but perhaps for the core players, the biggest feature of this game is actually the “shen”.

Unlike other tactical competitive games, “Apex Heroes” has added a lot of mechanisms to make the characters very flexible and have high mobility. For example, when the game was just launched, it was called the “sliding shovel” of the soul of the game. It is the use of moving guns and throwing objects in the game.

Benefiting from the height reduction of the characters and the map, the sliding shovel mechanism is retained in the mobile game, and the high mobility of the characters is also reflected in the game. The game time for a round is about 10-20 minutes, “Apex “Mobile Games” also has a fast-paced and smooth game experience.

In addition, in terms of the payment model, mobile games are expected to continue the route of terminal games F2P, and Battle Pass will still be one of the main commercial means of games. At the same time, it is also reported that the official will also design exclusive customized version of gun skins and customized activities in the mobile game to help players quickly obtain characters and gun skins.

No internal taste in the third person?Maybe this is a misunderstanding

Whether it’s the first appearance in the Philippines or the launch of the test in Hong Kong, China, when players see the specific content of the game, one of the biggest discussion points is the third-person mode of the game.

There is no other reason. The end game “Apex Heroes” is originally a first-person shooter game, and many features in the game are extended on top of this, such as the “shen” mentioned above, and it has a wider field of vision. The more information that can be obtained, whether it will affect the balance of the game is a point that players generally pay attention to.

Game Director Grenier once said: “”Apex Mobile Games” is specially designed for touch screens. It has smooth operation and well-thought-out optimization. It can bring users the most advanced mobile tactical competition. It is a new version of Apex, but Be loyal to the original”.

Obviously, the third person may be one of the optimizations that the development team made specifically for mobile.

It is true that, as the player said, the third-person operation mode can obtain more information and improve the player’s control over the character. The corresponding operation difficulty is also less, and it can even avoid the “3D vertigo” of some players. It is undoubtedly a novice gospel.

The third person that players worry about will become the mainstream of the game, which will make the game tasteless, and it is actually unnecessary to worry about.

In this test, it can be seen that the first-person mode and the third-person mode coexist independently in the game. Only in the third-person mode can the angle of view be freely switched. Choose the original first-person mode to operate.

For players who are new or have tried other tactical competitive games, they can start with the third-person mode to understand the specific gameplay and details of the game, such as gun matching and skill combinations.

In general, the addition of the third person to the first person mode in this “Apex Mobile Game” is actually a trade-off, which not only provides the original game experience for old players, but also for non-vertical players. Even the pan-user group has thrown an olive branch, so that more players can feel the charm of the game.

Once the test is started again, the Rebirth Studio will expand the test scale step by step as stated at the beginning of the year, and then gradually open the appointment and finally launch it.

But for the Chinese market, perhaps the most urgent task for this game should be to get a version number first.

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