Microsoft’s GamePad available through mobile giant’s online store following Apple Arcade launch

Apple has started selling official Xbox One controllers via its website.

The listing was noticed by The Verge, and follows the company’s decision to allow its various devices to support both the Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is priced at $59.95 and appears to only be available online at the moment, although it’s not impossible Apple could stock the gamepad within its retail outlets.

There is no sign of Sony’s DualShock 4 controller on the sight, but this could also be a possibility given that iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac also support this device.

The introduction of a familiar games controller no doubt ties in with the recent launch of Apple Arcade. The subscription service offers players over 100 premium-style titles for a monthly fee, many of which offer controller support.

These titles can also be played across all of Apple’s devices, from smartphones to its set-top box.

It’s likely also a shrewd move on Microsoft’s part as it builds up to launching its streaming service, Project xCloud — something the platform holder hopes to deliver through multiple devices, not just PCs and Xbox consoles. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has also said he wants to bring Xbox Game Pass to every device.

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