Astral Chain is a fantastic game on the Nintendo Switch. The game is developed by PlatinumGames and looks fantastic. The story is interesting with variation in the gameplay to keep you thinking. My favorite thing about this game is that it feels like I’m playing an anime.

If you’re an anime fan, there are some similar beats in the story. You start off learning about some dark government secret and then eventually come to learn that you’re the special one. Some drama ensues and the fate of the world rests on your shoulders. Just because the premise is familiar, doesn’t mean it’s not done well. Astral Chain’s story is genuinely interesting as you learn about what’s going on.

In addition, while most of the gameplay is the same, there are moments that break away from the norm. Those moments usually aren’t very long, but they’re a nice change in pace every now and then.

Another thing I love about Astral Chain is the level of customization. While the customizing may not be deep like Skyrim or Mass Effect, there’s plenty to change and you can always change things later in the game with new options constantly becoming available. You can even customize your Legions (cool monster things that you enslave to help you fight). It may seem like a little thing, but I greatly appreciate it.

On the downside of things, combat against grunts can eventually start to feel a little too easy and stale. However, they have different difficulties you can switch between and new enemies can introduce new challenges in certain areas. Also, it bothers me that the lips don’t match the voices. Of course, the biggest problem with this game is its co-op mode. It is one of the worst cooperative modes I have seen in a game. It advertises that one player controls the player and the other the Legion. This is only half true. The Legion player can move the Legion and is key to performing key actions as the Legion, but attacks are still automatic and most of your controls include controlling the camera, accessing the camera mode, and accessing the IRIS. Do not play this game cooperatively. It is frustrating having someone else controlling the camera.

Overall, Astral Chain is an incredible game, and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a fun action game with a decent story. Just don’t even bother with the cooperative play and you’ll have fun.

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