Gamers are always on the lookout for a solid headset. Even if purchased primarily to spare housemates from the constant sounds of firefights and sword clashes, a good gaming headset can significantly enhance any play experience. However, the price of entry may be steep. The Audeze Penrose headset offers stellar sound, a comfortable fit, and great features for $299. At that price point, the model is like a less pricey version of the Audeze Mobius headphones, which run for $399. Physically, the two models are nearly identical, save for the blue striping on the Penrose, signaling its design for use with the PlayStation family of consoles. (Xbox players will want to snag the Penrose X model). It also works with PC and, while not advertised, it did function with my Nintendo Switch, though with some connection interruptions.

Used as intended, the 2.4 GHz wireless dongle provided with the set allows for a simple, seamless, low-latency connection. Using the Penrose with my PlayStation 5, it delivers spacious sound with plenty of depth that lets the console’s Tempest engine shine.

(Photo: Audeze)

As someone with a large-ish head and glasses, finding a comfortable headset has always been a challenge. They often drive the earpieces of my eyewear into my temples. I didn’t have that problem with the Penrose. The memory foam padding around the earpieces provided plenty of cushioning, sitting snugly. The Penrose is on the heavy side, and so I found myself adjusting its positioning at times to relieve some pressure on the top of my head. Still, they’ve been much more bearable than any other set I’ve tried, especially considering the quality performance.

Controls on the set are all located on the left ear. There’s an easy-to-reach mute button on the center. The mic and the earpieces each have individual volume turns. A single button switches between wireless, Bluetooth, and wired listening (using the provided 3.5 mm cord). I didn’t use the detachable microphone often as I’m not big on multiplayer games, but it worked well when I tested it. The only technical shortcoming I found with the set was relatively short battery life, coming in at 12-13 hours per charge. That’s short compared to other gaming headsets. Still, I haven’t had a problem with it cutting out mid-game as I use the USB-C charger to plug it in during work, restoring it for use quickly.

Having used the Audenze Penrose for a while now, they’ve proven worthy addition to my gaming setup. The strong sound quality and ease of use make up for minor issues like weight and battery charge and make them a set I’d easily recommend to anyone who asked.

Disclosure: Audeze provided a Penrose headset for this review.

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