About Silent Planet

Band Members:

Alex Camarena, Thomas Freckleton, Spencer Keene, Garrett Russell, Mitchell Stark


Los Angeles, CA

Keep the Word on your lips;
Your ear to the ground.

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Fan Live Reviews

These guys put on a beast of a show. Their sound is incredible, and their connection with the fans are second to none. I just hope they come back to Scotland in the future, as I have been spreading the word about this awesome band, I just want their support to grow in this neck of the woods. They definitely deserve it!

It was awesome !! Their sound live was so good! Hopefully next time it won’t be on a Monday, I couldn’t miss work so I had to leave a little early since I had to be up at 430A.

Had a legendary stage dive in a suit, truly a night to remember. Silent Planet killed it again, high energy, highly emotional show, and they played the favorite song of just about everyone I talked to. This band is legend

Silent planet était très bien,les genres des différents groupes avaient par contre absolument aucun lien. Sinon garrett(le chanteur unclean) a commencé bien tranquillement, semblait plus parler qu’autre chose, mais est devenu plus intense par la suite donc le début moins frappant était facile à laisser de côté. Je me suis pas resté pour Stray From the Path mais je suis à peu prêt certain qu’ils ont offert un super spectacle, je les ai déjà vu auparavant! Je retournerais voir Silent Planet sans aucun doute!

Tiny venue, but the bands were amazing. Silent planets’ performance broke the breaker by the second song, but they are a genuine group of guys who are there for their fans. Seeing them hug and give time to the fans was an amazing act of acceptance and love. The fans were crazy and I know that I would love to talle to each of them in person and know they are genuine. God bless their journey!

The only complaint is that the live mix was pretty bad, but that’s not the bands fault. Love you boys 🤘🏻

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