Battlefield’s mobile version of the shooting game, EA (Electronic Arts), was officially announced in April earlier this year and a full reveal was expected to come soon after. Now EA DICE has announced more details on the upcoming game that tells us more, including the game’s first playable betas.

A Google Play Store listing suggests that the Android users will be in the lead for trying out Battlefield Mobile. Betas for the game are expected to roll out on a region-to-region basis and hence, not all users will be able to play at once.

Further, DICE also reportedly revealed in a recent Q&A session that the game will first be available in Indonesia and the Philippines. The game will also initially limited to the Grand Bazaar map from Battlefield 3.

Battlefield Mobile is widely expected to be a free-to-play game with the ability to purchase in-app elements which may included cosmetic items, unlockable upgrades and the game’s own Battle Pass system.

Battlefield Mobile, Battlefield, The game will also initially limited to the Grand Bazaar map from Battlefield 3. (Image Source: Play Store)

New gameplay modes

The title is set to come with multiple game modes and while the graphics may feel like a step down from the PC titles, which is understandable, DICE promises an experience with “the same wild situations and explosive spectacles Battlefield is famous for.”

The gameplay modes include a Tactical mode that emphasises agility on foot, a Destroy mode that lets players commandeer an ATV for speed, a Stealth mode that focuses on stealth, and a War Tanks mode that will involve a fully armoured tank.

Squad-based gameplay will also feature maps that will be familiar to Battlefield players. There is also a class system that will let players take on the role of Assault, Support, Medic and Recon. There is also player customisation and backstories for the game’s War Heroes.

We should know more about Battlefield Mobile when we get closer to the game’s launch, which is still a long way down the road with a full release expected next year.

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