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Who would have thought that instead of actually becoming a content creator, millions of folk around the world would attempt to become a virtual one. But when Youtubers Life originally launched more than five years ago – followed by a 2018 drop on Xbox One and PS4 – it went down a storm. So much so that Raiser Games will soon be back with a sequel – Youtubers Life 2.

Coming to Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC later in 2021, you’ll be able to become a Youtube hero once more with Youtubers Life 2.

With Raiser Games teaming up with UPLAY Online once more, Youtubers Life 2 will bring the world of content creator kings and queens to the hands of their legions of fans once more. Youtubers Life 2 looks set to pick up where the original game left off, all whilst bringing in new ideas and features; after-all, streaming and content creating has changed massively in the five years since original launch.

With new names and new opportunities coming to the fore on an almost weekly basis, Youtubers Life 2 is set to offer a revised, more contemporary look into the life of this burgeoning profession’s biggest stars when it launches on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Building on the foundations laid out in the original game, Youtubers Life 2 is being designed to simulate all areas of a content creator’s rise. Key features will therefore be found including:

  • More content options for Youtube videos, including reviews, gameplays, speedruns, unboxings, interviews, and more.
  • Subscriber and video statistics that directly react to a broadening of a creator’s content.
  • A new mechanic called “Trends”, which fluctuates daily and affects your popularity as a YouTuber.
  • More personalization options for your character, and a fully customizable and expandable home.
  • Scores of new and expansive features to be announced in the coming months.
  • Deeper relationships with NPCs, including additional questlines.
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It’s an offering that, according to Quim Garrigós – Project Director & Co-Founder at UPLAY Online, will directly reflect the changing nature of being a content creator in 2021. “The original Youtubers Life has been such a big success and continues to be to this day, but the kinds of things content creators are both doing and achieving now is monumentally different to the world we first looked to simulate back in 2016,” continues Garrigós. “We wanted that original premise to grow with the content creators themselves, which is why we’ve been working on expanding our offering significantly with Youtubers Life 2. There’s nobody else, operating in this space, nobody else simulating Youtubers either big or small, so we’re proud to stand as the go-to game for gamers looking to live out their content creating dreams.”

“The original game enjoyed the exact same kind of virality the best content creators amass every day,” adds Sergio de Benito, Marketing Director at Raiser Games. “In all, Youtubers Life videos have passed the 350,000 mark, generating more than 500 million views for more than 50,000 content creators. We think UPLAY Online’s plans for Youtubers Life 2 will enable the franchise to cement its position as the ultimate content creator simulator.”

We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date with the progress of the content creation found in Youtubers Life 2 on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC as the weeks and months move forward. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a Youtube channel to subscribe to, TheXboxHub are on there too! Feel free to give us a sub.

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