It’s officially spooky season, the time to play those creepy, crawly, jump scare-y games. You couldn’t pay me enough to play a horror game, but I salute you brave souls who unflinchingly stare fear—whether that be zombies or animatronic animals gone terribly wrong—in the face.

Recent releases like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty expansion may have drained your wallet, so it’s more important than ever to find a deal. We’ve found the following discounts in a variety of genres.

The Best PS4/PS5 Game and Accessory Deals

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For those who haven’t taken the plunge and upgraded to the PlayStation 5 console, the console offers unparalleled graphical fidelity, much faster loading times over the PS4, and a huge library of next-gen games that are as fun to look at as they are to play. 

Street Fighter 6

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Street Fighter 6 

Fighting games aren’t something I go out of my way to play, but when I tried the Street Fighter 6 demo before launch, I was immediately attracted to the character creation and ability to explore Metro City. Street Fighter 6 is accessible to a variety of skill levels and the graphics are incredible. If you were on the fence about it, this discount should be enough to entice you to take the plunge.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

(Credit: Square Enix)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion 

When I played the original Crisis Core on the PSP (remember that nifty and underrated device?) I thought it was gorgeous. Now, almost two decades later, I was blown away when I booted it up on the big screen. This remake of the prequel to FFVII is a must-play for fans of the series and details the story of Zack Fair, a Soldier working for Shinra, who predated Cloud Strife as a spiky-haired hero with a humongous sword. Familiar spells and summons, plus a revamped combat system, make this a worthy addition to your JRPG collection.

Immortals of Aveum

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Immortals of Aveum 

Sometimes it’s enough for a game to just be a good time. It doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel, it doesn’t have to be loved by a massive audience, and it doesn’t have to take over your life with its sheer size and scope (looking at you, Baldur’s Gate 3). Immortals of Aveum is one such title, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Take your favorite FPS and replace the guns with flashy spells, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect. There’s also a skill tree where you can tailor the main character, Jack, to suit your playstyle and the spells feel distinctly different from each other in the way a pistol would from a shotgun. Give it a shot.

Stray Screenshot

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a cat? That’s a rhetorical question: Of course you have. Stray is a third-person adventure game that places you in the paws of a stray cat wandering through the derelict streets of a cyberpunk city. You’ll have to be stealthy to avoid dangers and acrobatic to access high places, as well as do silly cat things such as meow a million times and knock things off ledges. What more could you ask for from a game starring a cat? With the announcement of an animated movie based on the game, it’s a great time to get into Stray.

Recommended by Our Editors

Sonic Frontiers screenshot

(Credit: Amazon)

Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers was somewhat of a departure from the usual Sonic format, featuring a large overworld with its own hidden secrets to explore while still delivering the high-speed gameplay we’ve come to expect from our favorite blue blur. The battle system adds RPG elements like skill tree upgrades ,and when you’re not tearing across five different locales, you’ll be taking on side quests, solving puzzles, and engaging with familiar faces. The third and final free update is available now.

WD Black 2TB SN850X NVMe Solid State Drive With Heatsink

(Credit: Amazon)

WD Black 2TB SN850X NVMe SSD With Heatsink

We can all agree that the PS5’s base storage offering is a bit underwhelming. The WD Black SN850 has rapid read speeds of up to 7000MB/s for its 1TB and larger storage sizes and is compatible with the PS5. Just slide off the top cover and snap this bad boy in place and you’ll have a ton of storage for your gaming library.

NexiGo PS5 Controller Charger

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NexiGo PS5 Controller Charger With Thumb Grip Kit

Show of hands: Who’s purchasing the sleek Deep Earth Collection controllers when they go on sale? I certainly am; that Sterling Silver has my name all over it. If you have multiple controllers, you should look into a charging cradle because who likes to play USB-C musical chairs? This controller charger by NexiGo holds two controllers at once and supports lightning-fast charging when using the included 5.3V/3A adapter so you can get back to your game quickly. The LED bar on the front allows you to assess the charging status at a glance, glowing orange when power is flowing and turning off once your controllers are ready to go. NexiGo even throws in thumb grips, which improve grip and lessens thumb fatigue.

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