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The keyboard you use with your gaming PC is one of the most tangible investments you can make.

Next to your mouse, your keyboard is the piece of hardware that you’re going to be physically interacting with most of the time. You want that interaction to feel – and look – as good as it can, regardless of whether you opt for something with Cherry MX switches. For more on Cherry MX keyswitches, check out our guide here.

Here are our picks for the best gaming keyboards you can buy in 2019.

Razer Huntsman Elite

Credit: Razer

The Razer Huntsman Elite is the company’s “opto-mechanical” keyboard. The pitch here is that you get the durability and speed of optical keyswitches with the tactile feel-factor of a classic mechanical. Thanks to a 1.5mm actuation point, the Razer Opto-Mechanical Switches that power the Huntsman promise to actuate 30% faster than their clicky counterparts.

The Razer Huntsman Elite also comes loaded with plenty of premium perks and features. You’ve got full per-key RGB lighting that’s integrated with Razer’s Chroma and Synapse software kits, a lavish and magnetic wrist-rest and a shoulder-mounted volume dial.

In Australia, you can buy the Razer Huntsman Elite for an RRP of AU$269. You can buy it through JB Hi-Fi and Amazon.

In our review of the Razer Huntsman Elite, we said that “In terms of design, the Huntsman is textbook Razer. A slick, if a little by-the-numbers, unit that effortlessly melds plastic and metal, it’s matte black and lit by an array of fully-customizable and wholly-impressive RGB lighting.”

You can read our full review of the Razer Huntsman Elite by clicking here.

Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO

Credit: Roccat

Roccat’s Vulcan 120 AIMO doesn’t just incorporate the brand’s unique take on RGB lighting, it also features their proprietary Titan keyswitches.

Courtesy of a 1.8mm actuation point and 3.6mm travel distance, the Titan switches on the Vulcan 120 AIMO are both tactile and relatively-quiet. They also feature structural housing to reduce wobble while being pressed and utilize special firmware that lets them comprehend inputs about 20% faster than they would otherwise.

Roccat’s Vulcan 120 AIMO also boasts a slightly different profile to other gaming keyboards. Rather than rely on underlights or zone-based lighting solutions, the LEDs on the Vulcan 120 are actually built into the switch itself – which is transparent. This creates a slightly different lighting effect than you might be used to. It’s a little less aggressive and a little more zen.

In Australia, the Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO is priced at an RRP of AU$279. You can buy it through Amazon.

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