Bob Help Them, the latest title from No Gravity Games, will be coming out on the Nintendo Switch on March 11th, 2021. The game is challenging but sweet as you play as a helpful townsperson named Bob who goes around and helps out all of the NPC characters with chores and other obligations throughout the day. The catch is, you’re on the clock and only have a certain amount of time to help out everyone before time expires. There are ways to earn more time, but ultimately, you’ll be racing against yourself to get everything completed. You can read about all the tasks you do below as well as check out the latest trailer.

It seems like Bob has a ton of time on his hands and a big heart. Courtesy of No Gravity Games.
It seems like Bob has a ton of time on his hands and a big heart. Courtesy of No Gravity Games.

Bob Help Them is a timer-based game, where your goal is to help all NPC’s, gathering resources, cooking food, fishing, and chopping wood before the timer ends. Enjoy the calming countryside while supporting craftsmen with their daily chores. You can…

  • Become a completionist. Finish 35 levels, help 6 NPCs, and collect 105 stars!
  • Strategize. Learn who to help first, or how to sequence your activities to be as effective as possible.
  • Bake. Cook a lovely pie from the freshly harvested fruit.
  • Mine. Use a pickaxe to acquire stone, iron, or gold.
  • Smelt. A nearby Forger needs your support. Take iron nuggets and turn them into a shiny ingot.
  • Chop. Grab an axe and gather wood for Lumberjack.
  • Fish. Find the closest pond and cast a fishing rod.
  • Fry. Collect eggs from the chicken coop and fry them over the campfire so Chef can prepare a perfect meal.
  • Harvest. Does the Farmer need some apples? Pick them from a tree and lighten up his day.
  • Pet doggos. Yes, that’s one of your tasks, and it’s highly satisfying too.
  • Catch the “One more level syndrome”. The simple and solid game design will draw you in.
  • Chill. Operating under time pressure is usually associated with stress, in Bob Help Them it is quite the opposite. Cheerful music and being an important member of a small community sparks a relaxing atmosphere into the game

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