Indie publisher Draknek revealed this week that they will be releasing Bonfire Peaks on PC as well as for the PS4 and PS5 at the end of the month. The game was created and developed by solo-designer Corey Martin, as you will be running around trying to solve puzzles on an island that’s basically made entirely of puzzles. The game will drop on September 30th, but before that happens, you can check out the launch trailer below and a snippet from Martin’s chat on PlayStation Blog about the game.

Bonfire Peaks Sets Launch Date For PC & PlayStation
Credit: Draknek

I started working on Bonfire Peaks in November 2018 as part of a game jam, the theme of which was “sacrifices must be made.” I went into the jam knowing I wanted to make a game about climbing somehow, and the theme then inspired carrying an object for the sake of sacrificing it. Carrying stuff makes climbing harder, so that made a sort of framework for what ended up being a sappy game about nostalgia. The art style was inspired by a wave of incredible voxel artists (Knos, MadMaraca, Paul Riehle, Dima, among many others) I had been following for a while. Generally when you see voxel art in video games it’s low detail and cute, which is great, but I hope we get to see lots of “mature” cube-y games. There’s such a broad range of moods and styles within pixel art, I feel there’s the same potential in voxel art. […]

The PS5 version of Bonfire Peaks has one Activity Card for every puzzle level in the game. Attached to every single one is a hint video showing you how to solve the puzzle. Using the Game Help feature, PlayStation Plus subscribers can seek specific help without worrying about spoiling future puzzles or mechanics. You can watch as much or little of the solution as you like before jumping back in and completing it yourself. There’s a lot of joy in the discovery of solutions, so we hope you give each puzzle a fair shot first, but we are absolutely not hint-shamers and don’t believe there’s a right or wrong way to enjoy the game. Game Help is a wonderful accessibility feature that we’re proud to support.

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