Dehradun: In a bizarre incident, a 19-year-old boy in Choura village of Dwarikhal block in Pauri district committed suicide for allegedly not being allowed to play game on his mobile phone.
The boy’s mother apparently scolded him and asked him to stop playing the game. Angry over being stopped, the teenager, identified as Rahul Singh, allegedly consumed pesticide kept in the house and later died in the hospital at Kotdwar.
According to sub-inspector Manoj Rawat, the incident took place on Friday evening when Singh was busy playing a game on his mobile phone and his mother scolded him and asked him to stop it. “Upset over the scolding, he went inside the room and consumed pesticide,” said the sub-inspector.
After his condition started to deteriorate, villagers took Singh to a local doctor, who after seeing his worsening state, referred him to a hospital in Kotdwar, where he later died during treatment.

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