The latest This Week at Bungie is mainly a recap of the big Destiny 2 announcements that dropped earlier this week, including a teaser for Saint-14’s return and a livestreamed look at some of the other changes coming in Season of Dawn. But it expands on all of that a bit with some bullet-point specifics on more granular changes, including small increases to Power and Pinnacle reward caps and a long-awaited buff to Thundercrash, the Striker Code of the Missile Super ability, that’s been given a boost to base damage, in-flight damage, and the amount of time you can stay in the air after it’s activated.

The new TWAB also reveals changes coming to the Eververse Store that will see a significantly increased amount of inventory made available for Bright Dust along with the premium Silver currency. Roughly 50 percent of Eververse items will have been purchasable with Bright Dust at some point during the Season of Undying by the time it wraps up next week, but Bungie aims to get that up to around 80 percent for Season of Dawn. The Eververse Store will also prevent the purchase of items already in your collection in the new season, in order to ensure that people aren’t blowing Silver or Bright Dust on stuff they already have.

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