A new Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War update is out now across all compatible platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

And while we don’t know exactly what has changed with this latest build, developers Treyarch has promised they will be offering answers.

Official patch notes are set to be shared soon by the Cold War team, which will confirm all the changes made to the game since launch.

A message from Treyarch confirms: “Launch week patch notes incoming soon! Keep an eye out for details on everything we’ve updated and fixed since launch.”

Meanwhile, today’s update weighs in at slightly different sizes, depending on which platform you’re playing on.

The highest download size is around 15GB, but this could change if more patches are released today.

There’s plenty of changes gamers are looking for following the launch of the latest Call of Duty game.

One user writes: “Hopefully weapon tuning…and crash fixes, being able to see what you unlock after game, hit reg, upside down reticles, rank actually tracking, launchers killing people, why no negatives to perk greed, zombies glitch fixes.

“And do something with this god awful aim assist, I’m probably a below-average player and it’s terribly strong…so strong my aim almost gets a sticky feeling on an enemy and I end up pushing the stick too hard left or right to get more precise aim and overshoot every time.

“Or when two enemies are close I know I’m done because aim doesn’t know who it wants to lock onto.”

The mystery of what has changed should be revealed very soon after Treyarch release the latest patch notes for all players to read through.

The Cold War team are also gearing up for a big release next week with the launch of the Nuketown map across all platforms.

Nuketown ’84 is set to drop on November 24, with Tuesday the usual day for big Call of Duty updates to be released.

And before that happens, Treyarch has launched a free bundle based on the iconic Black Ops map.

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