September 12 was National Video Game Day. To celebrate, I wanted to highlight some recently announced gaming peripherals from Razer and Monoprice. Razer recently unveiled some awesome licensed accessories for the upcoming game Halo Infinite.

All of the items are popular already existing peripherals reskinned to resemble the iconic Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor made famous by Master Chief. This includes the Kaira Pro which is a wireless headset that I have enjoyed using. All of these will be available on October 21 with pre-orders starting on September at GameStop and Razer.

  • Kaira Pro wireless headset for Xbox – Halo Infinite Edition ($169.99 USD)

  • BlackWidow V3 keyboard – Halo Infinite Edition ($179.99 USD)

  • DeathAdder V2 mouse – Halo Infinite Edition ($79.99 USD)

  • Goliathus Extended Chroma Mouse Mat – Halo Infinite Edition ($79.99 USD)

Meanwhile, Monoprice recently released their Dark Matter gaming peripherals. These include the Hyper-K Ultralight Gaming Mouse ($39.99) which uses a honeycomb design to lighten it while maintaining a full-size profile. There’s also the TKL Collider Keyboard ($99.99) that is available with “user-swappable Cherry MX Speed Silver, Red, Brown, and Blue switches.” The Supernova Universal Gaming Headset ($39.99) features 53mm drivers for rich sounds and a detachable microphone. If you need a new gaming monitor, they offer a 1080p 24” monitor ($199.99) with a 144Hz refresh rate and adaptive sync technology on an AHVA panel. If that’s not big enough, there’s also a 27” monitor ($349.99) with a 1440p resolution, HDR 400 compatibility, and a 180Hz refresh rate (with adaptive sync technology) on an IGZO. All of these are available to order now.

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