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Industrial Toys is working with DICE to create the Battlefield mobile game. It will be a standalone game, and Electronic Arts has made it clear that this mobile interpretation will be very different from the base console and PC versions. Right now, we know the game is entering the testing phase according to today’s announcement, although the mobile version of Battlefield won’t officially launch until 2022, so there’s still a long way to go.

Details are still pretty clear, so we don’t know much about the upcoming Battlefield mobile game, although EA has revealed some details. The company claims that the game will provide a fully skill-based gaming experience on the go. We also know that the game is in testing before its release next year.

Unfortunately, EA, DICE, and Industrial Toys don’t have anything to show at the moment, which is common for mobile games, but still disappointing. Today’s mobile announcement obviously takes a back seat to the new console and PC game that was also announced today (for the upcoming holiday season), but it sure was nice to see at least some screenshots of the mobile title. More details will definitely be revealed as development progresses, so stay tuned, this story isn’t over yet.

Battlefield Mobile testing begins in the fall

The last time we heard about Electronic Art’s next mobile shooter was in April, and EA didn’t have anything to show at the time, despite the announcement of the first tests. Well, it looks like the studio is planning a bigger round of limited game testing for Battlefield Mobile this fall. Therefore, the new Play Store listing is available, and this pre-registration or downloads cannot be done in the US. There are at least five screenshots in the new Play Store listing and a description of the game, providing some information. A new FAQ is also available on the EA website.

Fans can expect new and old maps, as well as basics like gadgets and vehicles. Extensive environmental destruction will be displayed and you can choose from four categories; Assault, commissioning, ambulance and reconnaissance. The battles will be team-based, all from a first-person perspective. A variety of game modes are to be expected, and online multiplayer is a given. We also know that Battlefield Mobile will be free, so it will offer in-app purchases, although the seriousness of this profit is not yet apparent.

Testing will begin this fall, starting in Indonesia and the Philippines, and then in other regions when EA is ready. If you want to throw your hat in the ring for access to any upcoming regional exams, you’ll need to pre-register, which will likely be available on the Play Store listing in the regions that offer the test. We also learned that a persistent internet connection will be required to play and that EA will erase player data once the testing phase is complete.

So here it is. We saw Battlefield Mobile for the first time, thanks to some screenshots in the new Play Store listing. The game looks good, and since Industrial Toys handles development with a former business leader in the Halo franchise, one of Bungie’s founders, there’s a chance things are pretty balanced despite the free design. This game is always online. match. So, Call of Duty: Mobile will likely soon face some stiff competition when Battlefield Mobile officially launches in 2022. So let’s hope EA doesn’t screw this up.

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Battlefield™ Mobile

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