Tale of Immortal exploded onto Steam in late January of this year, rising onto the best-sellers list, but like prior million-selling hits from China it’s a largely regional success: The game isn’t available in any language other than Simplified Chinese. Tale of Immortal is an action-adventure RPG sandbox about exploring a world inspired by  chinese mythical bestiary the Classic of Mountains and Season. In the game, characters seek to use Taoist cultivation to master their martial arts and become god-like immortals.

Now that they’ve sold 1.8 million copies of Tale of Immortal  it seems like the developers at 鬼谷工作室, which approximately translates to Ghost Valley Studio, have found some money to translate the game to English. They’ve posted as such in their celebratory update on Steam. “We regret for not having localized versions of the game sooner, which we now know some of our non-Chinese speaking users had difficult times experiencing the game. (Like having to use translation Apps :)),” says their delightfully earnest post.

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