Sea of Thieves developer Rare is known for its sense of humor, and with its new game, it appears to be focusing more than ever on embracing its community. Those two things have come together to make for a special day one patch–which is not at all what you likely think.

It’s customary for games in this day and age to receive large updates on day one that add essential features or make big changes or fixes. Rare has decided to poke fun at that and leverage the fact that it has a game where eyepatches are en vogue. As pictured in the image below players can now acquire a Day One Patch–an eyepatch with the number 1 on it. It can be purchased for one gold from the General Clothing shop from now until March 29.

This is a callback to an early suggestion from Reddit user Jefabell, who recently proposed this exact idea. Rare doesn’t shy away from its inspiration either, as the item’s description reads, “A message in a bottle from Jolly Jefabell washed ashore. Eyepatch makers read it and said, ‘aye.'”

Sea of Thieves launches for Xbox One and PC on March 20; you can see when servers go online in our full rundown. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will receive full access to the game on launch day, while the game is being given away for free with Xbox One X purchases.

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