Another PlayStation 4 to PC game is on the way. During an interview with GQ Magazine, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said a Days Gone PC port is next. People will be able to pick it up on a new platform in Spring 2021.

According to the interview, Days Gone will be one of many games ported to the PC. In the interview, Ryan said “a whole slate of [games]” will end up being ported. Aside from Days Gone though, no other prospective PlayStation PC ports were named.

Days Gone is the 2019 open-world PlayStation 4 game following Deacon St. John. He explores the Pacific Northwest on his motorcycle, evading infected humans called Freakers (and hostile humans) while trying to find his missing wife. Following the PS5 launch, Bend Studio confirmed a PS5 update that would improve the game’s quality.

The initial PlayStation 4 PC port that kicked things off is Horizon: Zero Dawn. It debuted on Steam in August 2020. While it had some launch issues, multiple patches released to help prevent crashes.

Days Gone is immediately available for the PlayStation 4 and playable on the PlayStation 5. The Days Gone PC version will show up in Spring 2021.

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