It’s been revealed that the Death Stranding file size is not in fact 55GB, as was previously thought. Instead it looks as though the size of the full game download is 48.8GB, almost 7GB smaller than the previous information led us to believe.

The full game file size for Death Stranding was revealed in a post on the PS4 Subreddit. The post shows an image with the icon for Death Stranding on a PlayStation 4 home screen. Listed under the title, clear as day, is the file size for the full game at 48.8GB. Check out the image below and read on for more details.


The image probably comes from a review copy of the game. We know that critics are already playing Death Stranding, and that all they are allowed to say is that they are doing so. We also know that the review embargo for the game is the 1st of November, a full week before the game’s release date. If nothing else, this image confirms that critics are able to play Death Stranding right now, which is pretty amazing if you’re excited about the game.

Why is the File Size Relevant?

What was thought to be the original file size for the game was 55GB. This file size was listed on the back of the packaging for the limited edition Death Stranding PlayStation 4 Pro console bundle, which comes with a copy of the game. At the time, some fans speculated that the file size was meant to accommodate a day one patch, which would take the overall full game file size up to a maximum of 55GB.

With the reveal of the game’s actual file size to be 48.8GB today, it seems much more likely that the idea of an additional 8GB being outlined for a day one patch is true. However, the difference in the numbers could also be down to a manufacturing order.

The packaging for the limited edition Death Stranding PlayStation 4 Pro console will have needed to be printed much earlier in 2019, in order for stock to be put together and shipped out to retailers. It’s possible that Sony pushed Kojima Productions for a file size for the full game, which was 55GB at the time. It now looks like the developers were able to optimise the assets in their game, and bring that file size down to 48.8GB, which would explain the discrepancy in these file sizes.

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