A mobile ARPG game was not what Blizzard fans were expecting. Be that as it may, Diablo Immortal is coming out for Android and iOS devices by late 2021.

No one is hyping too much, though. I’d say the game’s trailers had the worst receptions Blizzard has ever had.

You don’t believe me? Then go see the gameplay trailer on YouTube. It has 12 times more dislikes than likes. Commonly, YouTube videos have 1 dislike per 10 likes, so things are not going smoothly. And the cinematic trailer has even worse numbers!

YouTube video

We’re here to discuss everything we know about Diablo Immortal.

Hopefully, we can understand the gameplay, class system, and general mechanics of the game before it releases.

Diablo Immortal
A classic whirlwind power on Diablo Immortal. Source: Blizzard.

Diablo Immortal Release Date

There’s no release date just yet. However, you can pre-register on Google Play or the App Store to join the Early Access version as soon as it debuts.

Otherwise, you can register over at Blizzard’s page.

It might take a while to debut, but it’s definitely coming out sooner than Diablo IV. While we wait, we Diablo fans can maybe enjoy a true ARPG on our mobiles.

Unless there’s, you know, a “Stamina” bar that runs out every two dungeons, asking you to pay real money to keep playing.

Nevertheless, Blizzard has said Diablo Immortal will be free-to-play. There will be optional in-app purchases, of course, and we hope the company doesn’t stale your progress if you choose not to invest.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of mobile games, but perhaps Blizzard’s first mobile game can change my mind. That may not be hard, though: the Alpha version already ended, and fans are happy about it.

Diablo II
Diablo Immortal has a single-player campaign. Source: Blizzard.

Latest Update: Alpha Version

The Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha version finished in June. An “Alpha version” is a work-in-progress game a selection of people can test.

Blizzard invited streamers, YouTubers, game access media, and similar users to test their game and deliver feedback.

YouTube video

The Alpha version is the follow-up to December’s Technical Alpha. After this, we expect an Open Beta, then the release.

We predict we’ll see the Beta version by August 2021. You’d be able to join the test by pre-registering to the game’s Early Access. As it’s a free game, you won’t be paying anything to test it out. Then, the game is probably coming out by November or December 2021.

Here’s a Diablo Immortal Closed Beta gameplay video without any commentary. Keep reading; we’ll continue by explaining what this game is all about.

Please note Diablo Immortal is in development, so many things can change.

YouTube video

What is Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal is a massively multiplayer online action RPG (MMOARPG) for mobile devices.

Blizzard Entertainment is creating the game alongside NetEase. NetEase is a Chinese technological company. Their specialty is creating mobile servers and games.

It’s still an exclusive Diablo game for Android, iPad, and iPhone. That means it brings the classic elements of the franchise, such as a class system, a skill system, loot, and the main story arc.

Diablo Immortal Enemies
You fight against the enemies you expect: demons and beasts. Source: Blizzard.

Main Story Arc

Diablo Immortal has an original story to tell within the franchise’s universe.

The story happens between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. That’s a hard ask from Blizzards: not many players will remember the events of these old titles.

Diablo Mapss
Blizzard is currently working on the next test version of Diablo Immortal.

I’ll give you the summary, though. There’s a thing called The Worldstone. It’s a colossal, mountain-sized object to hide the mortal realm, Sanctuary, from Heaven and Hell. Sanctuary was created by the forbidden love of an angel and a demon.

At the end of Lord of Destruction, Diablo’s brother Baal destroys the Worldstone. During Diablo III, with the Worldstone in pieces, a new age of terror falls to mankind.

Diablo Immortal deals with the in-between events. Worldstone fragments are corrupting the land. The new heroes must fight against ancient evil craving to harvest the stone’s divine power to subjugate humanity.

YouTube video

Back to Sanctuary

You’re back in Sanctuary, the world we’ve seen in the Diablo trilogy. The game will take you to zones you’ve never seen before. That includes new towns like Wortham, tombs, jungles, forests, caves, ruins, and dungeons.  However, you’ll revisit some old areas as well.

New zones include Mount Zavain, the homeland of the deadly warrior monks. Another new zone is the wastelands of the Frozen Tundra. We saw a glimpse of the area during Lord of Destruction. You’ll be back around the Arreat Summit to help the Barbarian tribes defeat the remnants of Baal’s army. 

There’s no word on how many main quests and side quests there will be. However, we know the main campaign happens in two main zones: Mount Zavain and the Frozen Tundra.

Also, we know the game generates every area randomly. Moreover, dungeons can pop up everywhere and anywhere, so you never know what comes next.

Blizzconn Monk Skill Ultimate
You progress your characters as usual: level up and spell points on your skills.

Online World

The upcoming mobile ARPG is an online game. Even so, you can complete the main arc alone if you wish so.

Either way, the online feature allows you to join other players and party together.
Also, you’ll see most players in the game’s towns like Westmarch. You’ll be able to trade with other people as well as NPCs.

Westmarch also features various activities you can complete alongside other players. You’ll find dynamic world events on the hub.

Lastly, you’ll find your stash and the game’s main vendors in the city. Once you reach the end-game, though, you’d be better off fighting with other people.

Online World
You can play the main story alone or with your friends. There’re also side activities to complete with a party. Source: Blizzard.

Battle Pass

We don’t know what the Battle Pass will have yet. We don’t know the price either. However, there’re going to be free and paid tiers on the battle path. Both will have tasty rewards. Some of the premium rewards include gems and runes.

Also, there’re going to be new Battle Passes every 30 days.

The game has a reward system as well, which is completely free. This is the Codex. Inside the Codex, you’ll get rewards as experience, gold, and resources. The activities include exploration, killing bosses, or completing quests.

Now, the Codex reward system also levels up your Battle Pass. As you increase the tiers of the Battle Pass, you unlock better rewards.

Battle Pass
There’re organic rewards for simply playing the game. Source: Blizzard.

End-game in Development

Blizzard is currently testing the end-game content, which means it wasn’t part of the Alpha test.
Be that as it may, the developers have already commented on the matter.

It’s a social game system known as the “Cycle of Strife.” You choose to play as either the Immortals, who defend Sanctuary. The other side is the Shadows, an order that keeps the Immortals from becoming power-hungry.

During your single-player adventure, you’ll join one of the two sides. Once you reach end-game, you’ll be able to enjoy the adventures each party offers.

These activities revolve around 8v8 team-based PvP battles, raids, and high-level dungeons. Blizzard calls these PvE end-game dungeons “Helliquaries.” It’s a feature you can enjoy as part of a party, as the Bosses present incredible challenges.

YouTube video

There’re also other challenges and dungeons like Elder Rifts players can enter at any level. For instance, Elder Rifts can raise their levels infinitely.

Alternatively, there’re 12 new bounties every day. A bounty takes you to a randomized area, where you have to defeat a particular boss. They offer great amounts of XP and gold.

For rewards, the Helliquary delivers legendary items and gems, two different skills per class, a new Paragon tree, new quests, and bounties. That means your character can still progress after you beat the main campaign. It can make the end-game feel leagues better.

Skill Ultimate
There’s no word on 1v1 PvP battles yet. Source: Blizzard.

Mobile ARPG Gameplay

Many feared Diablo Immortal was going to be a watered-down version of the real thing. The Closed Beta showed something else, though.

Its graphics look leagues better than Diablo II: Resurrected. Moreover, the game features smooth combat, an easy skill system, and fast-paced combat.

Overall, combat looks challenging and fast. However, you won’t be fighting many enemies at once. Packs of monsters are small, but they pack tons of HP and unique abilities.

NPCs you find through your journey can give you main or side quests.

The limitation is, of course, the tapping. You have your attacks and skills on the right side of the screen and a movement stick on the left.

You can place four skills on the action bar on top of the main attack as the main button. There’s also a potion button as the smallest icon on the action bar.

Aside from the HP potions, you’ll collect HP globes from dead foes. We already saw this system on Diablo III. There’re XP globes as well that may pop up from dead enemies.

At the top left of the screen, you’ll find your character’s avatar and HP. You can tap the avatar to see the inventory, skills, and stats interfaces.

You can equip four skills on your action bar. You can’t change the default attack. Source: Blizzard.

It has the classic setup of most ARPGs. That said, it seems the game won’t implement any paywalls or in-game mechanics that halt your progress unless you play. You can hack, slash and loot as much as you like.

Likewise, progression looks linear, as most areas seem to follow a single path without many deviations.

You’ll move forward in the world and take quests from the NPCs along the way. There’re no voices in the dialogues, though. There’s only a box that displays the text.

Lastly, there’re various towns and cities across the world. Westmarch is the game’s main hub.

YouTube video

Rewarding Gear System

Your character has the following gear slots: helmet, body armor, shoulder armor, leg armor, gloves, boots, belt, main weapon, off-hand weapon, two rings, and the amulet slot.

Rewarding Gear System
You can equip every item as there’re no class restrictions.

You can rank up every item you find with gold. Nevertheless, you can only upgrade Legendary and Rare items. You collect Rank 0 items, and you can upgrade the rank up to level 20.

Items get extra Bonus Attributes at ranks 6, 11, 16, and 20. More importantly, you can transfer ranks across gear that belongs to the same slot.

You can visit a Blacksmith NPC and level up to Rank 5 with the proper crafting materials. A Blacksmith can also “Reforge” rank 6 onwards items. Reforging rerolls the Bonus Attributes of Legendary items.

Otherwise, you obtain gold from dead enemies, quest rewards, and trading. Also, you can dismantle any gear piece to get crafting resources.

The rank system makes it so you can always progress, even if you don’t find the best loot. And, speaking of loot, the game seems to be pretty generous. Speaking of which, there’s a setting on the menu to auto pick all of the loot. Path of Exile could use something similar!

Likewise, a green arrow will indicate the gear pieces you find that are more powerful than what you’re currently wearing. It makes you spend less time in the inventory and more time actually playing the game.

Diablo Immortal’s item reforge. Source: Blizzard.

Similarly, items rank from normal to magic, rare, and finally Legendary. Diablo Immortal doesn’t have set items.

Gear pieces have Base Stats, Attributes, and Magic Attributes. Additionally, the best items have Legendary Attributes, rune sockets, and more.

Also, your character has Primary and Secondary gear slots. Skill-changing effects are only present on primary slot gear. Secondary gear enhances your character further with magic attributes and stats.

Lastly, you can find Charms as well. They provide skill bonuses and modifiers. Like so, Runes add extra stats to Legendary primary gear; gems add stats to secondary items. Once again, you can upgrade gems for extra power.

The secondary gear slots are on the character’s left. On the right, you’ll see the primary slots. Source: Blizzard.

Simple Class System

Diablo Immortal has 6 classes. None of these classes are new; we’ve seen them either on Diablo II or Diablo III.

Barbarian: it’s the melee class that focuses on heavy weapons.

Monk: it’s a swift warrior that uses fast attacks and faster mobility.

Wizard: he manipulates arcane and elemental forces to shatter, burn, or shock his enemies.

Demon Hunter: it’s the ranged class. She uses a crossbow to unleash pain on the demons

Crusader: it’s a “tank” class that focuses on defensive buffs, offensive debuffs, shields, and heavy armor.

Necromancers: the necromancer was not available during the Alpha test. From past experience, the class will probably summon minions and use ranged magic like poison.

You can play any class, there’re no money restrictions.

Skill Progression

You can modify skills with Legendary items. It’s a way to make players adapt their playstyle to the loot they find. It means your character’s power depends on gear rather than builds.

Each class has 10 skills. You unlock the skills automatically. Moreover, the skills gain levels automatically. That means you can test them all out and use the ones you like the most.

When you reach the final level, which is currently level 45, you unlock Paragon trees. The Paragon system has multiple skill trees that offer passive and active skills. That means your character can still progress, even if you’ve reached the final level.

That said, we’re too early yet to talk about character builds. But as you saw, the class and skill system seems straightforward and pretty gear-dependent.

Also, with the ability to try out every ability and use every gear piece you find, Diablo Immortal doesn’t require the highest amount of planning.

Lastly, there’s an extra ability, which is your Ultimate Attack. AS you use your main attack button, you fill a power bar. Once the bar is full, you can unleash the Ultimate Attack of the class you choose. That said, there’s no auto-battle on Diablo Immortal.

YouTube video

Free to Play Warnings

Remember, Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play mobile game. So far, though, we haven’t seen any paywalls yet. You can play the whole game without feeling obligated to spend your money.

During the Alpha tests, the micro-transaction store was all about cosmetics, but it could change. Activision-Blizzard doesn’t have the best reputation, but they’ve managed to keep Modern Warfare free of fluff for many years.

That said, the gear system worries me. You can’t buy gear in the store. However, it has the main feature bothersome mobile RPGs have: gold upgrades.

With so many possibilities to upgrade items, though, there’s sure to be a catch. Developers can easily take advantage. “Here, buy this expensive chest of gold with your real money so you can keep upgrading your gear.”

Diablo Immortal Free to Play
Blizzard’s policy is to reward players for enjoying the game and playing organically. Source: Blizzard.

Should You Play Diablo Immortal?

I’m sure Diablo Immortal will be just fine as a mobile ARPG. Again, it’s not what Diablo fans want, so I don’t know who this game is for.

Most probably, Blizzard is looking for casual players. Thus, I don’t think the upcoming dungeon crawler has anything exciting.

That said, it looks easy and friendly enough for anyone just looking for on-the-go fun. Mobile A-RPGs are hardly any good, but Diablo Immortal might rise as one of the most solid titles of the genre.

It has an over-simplified class and skill system, for better or worse. You don’t have to tweak or choose anything aside from picking a class. Afterward, your character’s power depends on gear alone, which is where a free-to-play game could take advantage.

Take it or leave it, I guess. Make your own opinion according to the gameplay videos I listed. I know I won’t be playing it, though.

Mount Zavain
A glimpse of Mount Zavain. Source: Blizzard.


Can You Play Diablo Immortal With Controllers?

Blizzard has not enabled controller support yet. The company says they’re going to try, though.

How Can I Install Diablo Immortal?

You can pre-register over at Blizzard’s to get a chance to enter the upcoming beta test. Additionally, you could gain in-game rewards, as well as receive updates and news.

Will Diablo Immortal Be Pay-to-win?

It doesn’t look like it. Instead, there’s generous loot, an easy gear system, and easy skill progression. Additionally, there’s an in-game reward system that gives you things for simply playing the game.

Where Can I Find More Information?

There’s a Discord Diablo Immortal server, as well as an Instagram page.

Will There Be a Diablo Immortal Apk?

Sadly, no. Diablo Immortal is an MMOARPG, so you’ll only be able to play the original version.

Can I Play Diablo Immortal on PC?

Blizzard is adamant about Diablo Immortal being a mobile-only game. It won’t reach the PC platform.

But, you know, fellow kids play on phones, right?

YouTube video

Can I Play Diablo Immortal on PC via Emulators?

Probably yes, as long as it’s the original version. However, without controller support, it’ll probably be a mess.

Does the game support my smartphone?

Blizzard released the system requirements for the Closed Alpha test.

  • OS 5.0, Snapdragon 710 processor, 2GB RAM, 4GB Storage
  • iOS:OS 12, iPhone 8 onwards, 4,5GB storage

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