Loot boxes and pay-to-win gaming is a big discussion in the game industry right now, and there might be laws in the near future cracking down on that kind of content. Forbes had an interview with Nintendo’s Doug Bowser and brought up this topic in their discussion. Check out what Bowser had to say on the matter below.

“Well, I’d step back and say first, pay mechanics have been part of gaming quite some time. They have the ability to bring fun, different and optional ways to play games and enjoy games. For us at Nintendo, we look at games and in-game mechanics differently. We have wide variety of options and we really determine those based on the type of games we’re building and the platform that we’re building on. Most important for us is that the game is always fun and engaging, and that’s critical. And so we’ll continue to review how people are playing games. If we need to, from a mobile perspective, make adaptations, we can. The underlying importance is that they’re fun and engaging.”

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