Believe it or not, Pokémon GO is a pretty popular mobile game. While the game has lost some of its appeal, it still remains a top mobile game. I know a handful of people who still actively play Pokémon GO but one man in Washington State is obviously a hardcore player.

Washington State Trooper Sgt. Kyle Smith observed a driver parked along the eastbound side of Highway 518 near the Seattle airport. The trooper assumed the driver was having car problems so he pulled in behind to offer assistance. When the trooper approached the car what he found was the driver playing Pokémon GO on 8 different phones mounted in a foam holder.

You have to give the driver credit for two things, pulling over and for that great looking foam smartphone holder. But as the Washington State Patrol says, pulling over on a shoulder should only be for emergencies and playing Pokémon GO is hardly an emergency.

Pokémon GO Nintendo
Pokémon GO is still a very popular mobile game.

The driver was not ticketed and agreed to relocate the 8 phones to the backseat of the car. While the story is amusing, it does serve as a gentle reminder that we electronic devices can be a distraction. While the driver made a good choice to pull over, their choice of location wasn’t wise.

So be sure to enjoy your Pokémon GO playing in a safe way and that means keeping yourself and others safe.

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 Source: Seattle Times

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