— We finally saw close-to-finished gameplay of the new “Spider-Man” game coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. It looks like a real delight to play, with combat inspired by the Batman “Arkham” trilogy, but with the ease of traversal only Spider-Man could achieve. It’s still coming September 9, 2018.

— From Software, the makers of “Dark Souls,” surprised everyone at Sony’s E3 press conference with … a virtual reality game, specifically for PlayStation VR, called “Déraciné.” It actually looks really cryptic and cool!

— We got a new trailer for “Forsaken,” the exciting new expansion coming to “Destiny 2” on September 4, 2018. The trailer looked pretty grim, but at least it sets up a grand tale of revenge.

— Sony showed off new footage of “Kingdom Hearts 3,” this time showing fans the new Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired world, complete with CGI versions of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. That game looks so fun and whimsical, even if I couldn’t tell you the plot for the life of me.

— A new game called “Control” looks like it gives you super powers — and it’s made by the same studio behind “Max Payne” and “Quantum Break,” so expect lots of beautiful-looking, heart-pounding action.

“Starlink: Battle For Atlas” is a new toys-based game similar to “Skylanders” or “Lego Dimensions,” where real-life toys actually come to life inside a video game, but this one has a cool treat: Thanks to Ubisoft’s partnership with Nintendo, you’ll be able to play that game with none other than Fox McCloud, the protagonist of Nintendo’s beloved “Star Fox” series.

— Actor Elijah Wood joined Ubisoft’s press conference to announce a new virtual-reality horror game called “Transferrence.” The game looks very cool, but the most memorable part of that conference was how Wood messed up his lines, but still had a good laugh about it onstage. What an amiable person.

— Ubisoft has a new pirate game, called “Skull & Bones.” If you wish you could live as a pirate, this might be for you.

Square Enix held its presentation on Monday as well, but only showed off two games that hadn’t been seen at other press conferences (“The Quiet Man” and “Babylon’s Fall”), and gave next to no information about those new games. Here’s hoping Square Enix brings some announcements related to its Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy games that are currently in the works to next year’s E3.

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