E3 season is pretty much in full swing at this point. Conferences have already begun, and the first of (only) two presentations from console makers begin tomorrow, June 9, with Microsoft. Nintendo will follow on June 11 with the usual E3 edition of its pre-recorded Nintendo Direct presentation. According to NicoNico, it appears that this year’s presentation is going to be approximately 40 minutes long. Since this information isn’t coming directly from Nintendo, it’ll be classified as a rumor.

That being the case, the 40-minute timeframe does happen to the length of last year’s E3 Direct. The E3 2017 presentation was much smaller at around 25 minutes. So, while 40 minutes is rather short when compared to a typical E3 conference, this year doesn’t appear like it’s going to be the shortest Nintendo has had.

The Nintendo Direct for E3 2019 will air on June 11 at 9AM (Pacific) / 12PM (Eastern).


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