Unlike its predecessor, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 was released as an episodic series comprised of four episodes. Below you can find excerpts from our reviews of each written by Peter Brown.

Episode 1 – 7/10: “Though you have to wade through mediocre puzzles and endure cringe-worthy dialogue and references to past games, episode one successfully entices you to look forward to the next episode. Just before you feel like its antics are wearing you down, it commands your attention by redeeming itself during the second half, just before sealing the deal with an impactful cliffhanger. With tastes of both classic and modern Resident Evil, Revelations 2 has something for everyone, but it would be served better if it was a little more focused and had a little less Moira.”

Episode – 6/10: “Sadly, it doesn’t, and it’s disappointing to see that, once again, only one half of this week’s episode is praise-worthy. Claire and Moira face tense situations, and when you come upon a new environment, you’re seeing it for the first time, but once you take control of Barry, you’re essentially going through the motions in the same environments that Claire did until you encounter the invisible enemies, which are more frustrating than anything else. The concept of an invisible enemy is interesting, but the fact that it also kills you in one hit makes its purpose so transparent that you loathe it, rather than appreciate the opportunity it presents. Were it not for Claire’s chapter, it wouldn’t be hard to sit out the rest of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, but the memory of the good times, and the latest cliffhanger, ultimately stick with you when the credits roll.”

Episode – 8/10: “Even though Barry’s final stint is a letdown, with payoff after payoff, Episode Three is easily the best episode of Revelations 2 yet. It no longer feels like it was designed in such a way that forcefully attempts to justify having a partner. Instead, your appreciation for your sidekicks comes organically as you work together to solve interesting puzzles and protect each other from danger. Controlling Moira and Natalia no longer feels like a chore; now, it’s a privilege, and Episode Three’s greatest feat overall.”

Episode – 7/10: “The final episode of Revelations 2 has its problems, especially when it pretends that you can decide Claire and Moira’s fate. However, Barry’s portion offers just enough excellent gunplay and tense exploration to distract you from that misstep, all before sending you to a great final boss fight, and hopefully the good ending. Revelations 2 doesn’t get a pass for obscuring the path to its most satisfying conclusion, but it gets credit for the excitement it ultimately delivers in the true end of this journey and the flicker of the next one creeping in its shadow.”

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