25 June 2019

Expert commentary on
new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game

Jan Kruse, Senior Lecturer in Digital Design

Potter – Wizards Unite releases to 150 countries today and
from what I can tell is a nice improvement over previous AR
games such as Pokémon GO and Ingress in a number of

First and foremost, Harry Potter is a brilliant
story to be implemented as an Augmented Reality game –
only special people (the Wizards) are able to see magic in
an ordinary world. Now, with the help of AR, you are able to
see magic in a similar way.

Also, drawing on the
legacy of an outstandingly successful series of books and
movies, which attracted a very broad audience, old and
young, gives it inherent features that do not need to be
explained – we know them well from the books or movies.

It features a more appealing and interesting world with a
lot more animations going on and a lot of different tasks to
be tackled – unlike Pokémon or Ingress, which had nice
geolocated implementations, but quite repetitive. For
example, open the game in a moving vehicle (of course not,
when you are driving!) and you will ride a broomstick just
like Harry. Or watch the little animated doves carrying
letters all across the city and countryside to new wizards.
Nothing like the static world of other AR games – very
much alive and fantastic.

I think we will see more and
more appealing and interesting AR games in future –
technology is catching up and enables richer and more
vibrant experiences, which will ultimately contribute to a
much higher participation in these games.

What I like
about them personally, is that they get you off the couch
and out of the house – Pokémon GO already leads as a
great example of that and I strongly believe that Harry
Potter: Wizards Unite will play its part here as


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