As August pushes forward, most of the summer sales have already begun fizzling out. But that doesn’t mean gamers have lost all hope for finding great deals on digital games. PC gaming site Fanatical has launched its summer sale, and it includes some deals on some of 2019’s biggest titles along with some blasts from the past.

Gamers who purchase these games can play them on Steam, so in a way, this sale feels like an extension of the Steam Summer Sale. The sale also includes a super cheap 10-game mystery bundle. As if the sale prices didn’t already give gamers a great deal, Fanatical is also offering an extra 10% when folks use the code FANATICAL10 at checkout.

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Now, on to the games. For gamers who missed the boat on 2018’s excellent Monster Hunter: World, they can pick up the game for only $26.45. The game has an upcoming Icebourne expansion so it’s a great time to jump in and catch up.

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If folks prefer the fighting genre, Mortal Kombat 11 just added Nightwolf to its roster. Folks who have wanted to try him out can pick up the game for $48.59 once they use the offer code.

The sale also gives gamers an opportunity to catch up on the excellent Borderlands franchise before the third game releases this fall. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection features most of the Borderlands games that have come out so far, fully remastered and is a total steal at $5.38.

Other more recent games on sale include the newly remastered Resident Evil 2 ($30.77), the demon slaying simulator Devil May Cry 5 ($30.77), and Castlevania successor Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night ($31.67). Those who prefer to go a little further back in time can get Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen ($8.09), Dark Souls: Remastered ($21.59) and Yakuza 0 ($13.49).

Finally, gamers who like to gamble can buy an indie game mystery bundle for $7. The bundle includes 10 random indie games for less than a dollar each. Gamers can think of it as a blind box Humble Bundle. Fanatical says that each mystery box will feature a different line-up than the ones before it, but that if folks buy more than one, they may receive duplicates. Still, it’s a good chance to press the random button and maybe try something new.

All in all, the sale features a lot of great games to pad out gamers’ probably already overflowing Steam libraries. Just another excuse to stay inside, crank up the AC, and play games for the rest of the summer.

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Source: Fanatical

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