• Fast-paced top-down shooter Cymatically Muffed is available for Xbox One today.
  • Take down a headphone-stealing scientist in the Co-Op Campaign.
  • Or fight everyone you know in the best 2-8 player PvP games around.

Don’t you hate it when you wake up and some scientist has experimented on you and stolen your headphones? It’s time for a fast-paced top-down shooter where you and your friends can find that guy and make him pay. Or fight everyone you know in the best 2-8 local multiplayer PvP games around, your call. Get your revenge — or just send someone home crying — today with Cymatically Muffed on Xbox One.

Games are better when nobody has to watch and everyone can play. Get back to the glory days of local multiplayer with 8-player splitscreen. Fight your friends in free-for-all deathmatches, or play as a team in deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Puc, or Cops & Bombers. There’s something for everyone. Even my mom plays. With over 50 weapons, 9 game modes, 18 maps, holiday theming, and tons of customizations (yes, slappers only) you’ll never get bored. Now the only problem is if your friends are late, or have to take a phone call… just kidding! Muffed is drop in/drop out so it really is all fun and games until someone gets hurt, or goes home crying.

But wait, what about that thieving scientist? Learn to hate Dr. Wolfe in the story comics — no reading required. Then hunt him down, on your own or with a group, in the Co-Op campaign. You’ll have to escape the lab. Make sure to grab your Muffs (headphones) when you find them! You’ll need the adrenaline boost they provide to aid you in your struggles across 5 worlds and their boss battles. Play your way with quick-swap weapon combos: run and gun, sneak around and throw stuff, or just mow people down. No judgement here. If your Muffs didn’t need so many batteries you’d be unstoppable. No wonder Dr. Wolfe stole them.

Cymatically Muffed

Finished the campaign? Test your mettle in the endless survival levels. Definitely co-opable. Face down wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies as you prove your skills. Make sure to stock up on grenades. You’ll definitely want to take advantage of your Muffs for this one too, as they make you faster and stronger. Pro Tip: Muffs also decrease the timer for the weapons crate, so you can find that laser sword much faster.

Cymatically Muffed

Last question, what’s with the weird name? Cymatics is how sound impacts matter, and the big headphones are Muffs, so Cymatically Muffed is a play on how listening to music can help you perform better. My husband, Sam, and I like to listen to music while we work. It helps us get into better flow. When we jumped into making Muffed four years ago, it was a completely different game, but the idea that bumping music would remove limits for the characters has always been there. We’re very excited to finally be sharing Cymatically Muffed with you today on Xbox One. We’d love for you to check it out!

Cymatically Muffed
Xbox Live

Cymatically Muffed




Don’t you hate it when you wake up and some scientist has experimented on you and stolen your headphones? Muffed is a fast-paced top-down shooter where you and your friends can find that guy and make him pay. Or fight everyone you know in the best 2-8 player PvP games around, your call.

▼ PvP Battle Mode for 2-8 Players ▼
It’s a muffs eat muffs world for competitive players. Battle it out against your friends in free-for-all style or team up using one of our many customizations. The extensive array of maps and modes provides replayability that will make this your go-to game for groups of any size.

▼ Co-Op Campaign for 1-4 Players ▼
Earn your muffs, leave your mark, find your place. Explore on your own or team up with your friends in this exciting adventure campaign. Make your way through a wide variety of hand crafted levels as you discover the secrets Cymatically Muffed has to offer.

Have friends that are late to the party? There’s no need to restart, they can join a game in-progress.

▼ What are Muffs? ▼
Muffs are Dr. Wolfe’s latest development in cyber enhancement. Unleashing the power of cymatics, these massive headphones will make you stronger, faster, and smarter (maybe). They also monitor your health, inventory, and a slew of other nifty information.

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