• Local developers and studios will receive a stipend for being mentored to build hyper-casual games exclusively under the program
  • Will receive an additional profit share which could go well beyond INR 1 crore for creating a hit published game during the time period of the program

NEW DELHI, March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Firescore Interactive, a leading game development studio in Mumbai has announced the first mentorship program as part of its hyper-casual gaming hub ‘CrazyHubs India Program’. Tailored for aspiring game programmers, designers, artists, game development studios, gaming school graduates and youngsters in the field of game development in different cities across India, the program aims to build and develop the hyper-casual gaming eco-system in India.

Firescore Interactive had raised USD $500,000 funding led by CrazyLabs last year to launch the first ever Hyper Casual Gaming Hub for game studios in India. The CrazyHub is operated by Firescore Interactive and, together with CrazyLabs, offers aspiring candidates everything they need in order to create the next chart-topping Hyper Casual mobile game. 

Scheduled to start on April 19th 2021, this first ever 3-months training program will allow hands-on guidance to the candidates who become part of the CrazyHubs India program. Participants will be offered a stipend as well as an additional profit share that could go beyond INR 1 crore for any published games they create during the duration of the program. The innovative games accelerator, branded as the CrazyHub, is located in Mumbai and will allow a hands-on guidance for local developers and studios, along with financial support, advisory meetings and mentorship sessions they need in order to make the next #1 hit games.

Gaming enthusiasts from all over India can apply to join the first physical hub in Mumbai with immediate effect via the following online registration for a full training program:

Minimum requirements for participation in the program include:

  • A team that includes a Unity developer – a must
  • Submission of gaming portfolio, casual / hyper causal – a must
  • 3D experience – a must
  • Willingness to participate in the program full time for a minimum of 3 months

Commenting on the training initiative, Surojit Roy, co-founder at Firescore Interactive, “We are providing a nudge to all aspiring game developers, designers and artists with the expectations to create industry-ready professionals and thriving start-ups in the booming game development industry. We believe that this is a rare opportunity and will help build world-class game studios here in our country.”

Excited about the partnership, Guy Tomer, CrazyLabs, COO, said, “Further to our mutual work on the Christmas #1 ‘Soap Cutting’, we knew Firescore has the capability and attitude to carry the weight of a gaming hub. We have no doubt that Mumbai is the perfect location to launch the next CrazyHub, and that Firescore Interactive are the perfect partners for our mission to find the next game development superstars.”

CrazyLabs and Firescore Interactive’s partnership began when the teams worked together to create the Christmas #1 hit game Soap Cutting and Acrylic Nails!, Soap Cutting was an instant triumph, and the game has already surpassed 70M downloads. Further to their game’s success, the companies decided to launch a new entrepreneurial initiative in Firescore Interactive’s hometown and open the 1st ever CrazyHub in India. More such Hubs are underway and will be announced soon.

About Firescore Interactive

Firescore Interactive is a game development studio based in Mumbai (India) co-founded by Karan Khairajani and Surojit Roy. Firescore is focused on making hyper-casual games for the entire world. The team has been in the games industry for over 6 years and has amassed 120 million+ game downloads on its two most recent hits, ‘Soap Cutting’ and ‘Acrylic Nails!’.

About CrazyLabs

CrazyLabs is a Top #3 casual & hyper-casual mobile games developer & publisher, with 4 billion downloads for games like ‘Phone Case DIY’, ‘Acrylic Nails’, ‘I Can Paint’, ‘Tie Dye’, ‘ASMR Slicing’, ‘Soap Cutting’ and many more. CrazyLabs has offices in Israel, China, Macedonia, Germany and Ukraine, and has hyper-casual gaming hubs called CrazyHubs in India, Turkey, Serbia and Israel.

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