Mobile gaming has never been as popular as it is right now, and this means that the race to produce a Netflix-like product for mobile games is intense, with Apple and Google having already launched services such as Arcade and Play Pass that charge a monthly subscription. Spying a gap in the market is GameClub who plans to bring its growing collection of popular mobile games to Android devices during March in return for a monthly subscription.

The subscription will cost a reasonable $5 per month with GameClub helping game developers to keep the games compatible with modern Android devices. Expected to launch towards the end of March, GameClub says that all of its available games will be exclusive to its service, and won’t be found on any other vendor. In an interview with Android Central, GameClub’s VP of Business Development, Ei Hodapp, says that the service has more than 100 games signed up with titles such as Breach & Clear, Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon, and DeathBat to be available on the day of launch.

“The next phase of the GameClub master plan is to bring all the games back to mobile that would have been released on mobile devices had free-to-play not taken over. We’re actively pursuing a number of great ports that will be GameClub exclusives that we’re thinking will make players really happy to have on their phones. Finally, GameClub will eventually release original content, but that is at least a year off. “

If you aren’t sure about signing up for yet another subscription, you’ll be able to sign up on for a free trial to the service via its app that will be available on the Google Play Store. You can check out GameClub’s collection of games by visiting its website here and we’ll let you know once the premium subscription service goes live.

Source: AndroidCentral

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