Two years ago I wrote a piece on Ghost Recon: Wildlands, frustrated at the game’s litany of errors and broken promises, finding comfort in stripping away the support aids implemented in the game and enjoying it in its most base way. When you gents released your review I was disheartened, the studio ‘seemed’ to have gone to great pains to present Breakpoint as the answer to all the frustrations and criticisms of Wildlands, presenting a raw, brutal survivalist title; the studio’s DayZ homage, perhaps.

Instead, you can’t help but feel Ubisoft have done what they seemingly are in habit of doing, merging all their games into a singular experience. If a Ubi open world formula were a drinking game, you’d be floored long before you crossed off herb-crafting, stealth lite dynamics, base hubs, microtransactions, and terrible narratives. Which is painting over the fact Breakpoint is a bug-riddled game; mercifully nothing that has broken the experience but there is only so many times you can take off in a helicopter with a group of players before staring aghast as they appear to be floating in the air.

I wish I could say this was the exception to the rule but it’s now become a running joke of who will develop this unique superpower, to float at speed through the air in a confirmatory sitting and braced upright position.

The most fun we’ve had in this game has come from the moments we’ve gone off script, so to speak. The game seems to push you and punish you if you try to play it in the spirit of the series, with a seeming pleasure in using drones and helicopters to instigate conflict and bathe you in chaos. Whatever lessons they learned from the omnipresent Unidad in Wildlands seem to have evaporated with drones, so many drones.

We’ve long abandoned playing the game the way we wanted to – in keeping with the earlier Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six titles – and that is a genuine shame. Perhaps, as a studio, you just wish they would bypass whatever titles they have in development and release their ultimate intention, a realistic Minecraft title: UbiCraft.

Let the user base use their admittedly impressive tools and pre-set open worlds and create their own stories and campaigns. Pay to download skins of your favourite Assassins or Ghost Recon operators, because the narrative, script and story in Breakpoint is terrible. Fun, in a wy but it genuinely feels insulting to pay for a release severely riddled with issues, a damaged canvas you can only hope will be restored to something resembling a crayoned drawing.
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Ghost Recon Breakpoint – you’ll believe a man can fly

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